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Office Hours Hangout: Dedicated MongoDB

Cloud Industry Insights by Alan Bush – February 4th, 2016

Office Hours co-host Drew Cox and I invited Tim Banks, a systems architect from ObjectRocket to chat about several new and exciting features in MongoDB.

With a Partner in Rackspace, ExpenseWatch Continues to Grow and Evolve

Cloud Industry Insights by Abe Selig – February 4th, 2016

ExpenseWatch has partnered with Rackspace to help them continue to build on their success as a leading spend management platform.

Register Now for Dedicated Deep Dive Series on Hybrid Infrastructure

Product & Development by Doug Denny – February 3rd, 2016

Our Deep Dive series on the benefits of dedicated servers in a cloud world continues in February with sessions on how to meet compliance requirements and hybrid cloud architecture.

Taking Fanatical Support for AWS Global

AWS by James Cowe – February 2nd, 2016

We’re excited to extend our Fanatical Support service to customers across the globe; providing us the opportunity to continue combining the world’s leading cloud platform from AWS with the world’s leading provider of managed services from Rackspace to a broader range of businesses.

Interoperability, Enterprise Readiness Key Goals for Rackspace OpenStack Foundation Board Members

Racker Culture by Tracy Idell Hamilton – February 1st, 2016

OpenStack Principal Architect Egle Sigler and Vice President and Associate General Counsel Van Lindberg were chosen to serve their second and third terms, respectively, on the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors.

Cloud Security in 2016: Expert Partners, Active Defense and a Business-Centric Approach

Cloud Industry Insights by David Neuman – February 1st, 2016

As Rackspace Managed Security becomes globally available, Rackspace Senior Director of Information Security Systems David Neuman describes the future of cloud cybersecurity.

OpenStack Mid-Cycle Session Leads to Collaborative Production

Cloud Industry Insights by Michael Xin – January 29th, 2016

Co-locating two OpenStack mid-cycle sessions — Security and Barbican — at Rackspace last month ended up with the two groups collaborating so productively that by the end, whiteboards overflowed with data flow diagrams, threat models and documentation.

The Download Jan. 29, 2015 — the We Love Our Customers Edition!

Cloud Industry Insights by Abe Selig – January 29th, 2016

In this week’s Download, we highlight three of our most recent customers, all of which are using Rackspace in different ways to enhance their businesses.

Dedicated Deep Dive Recap: Security in Storage

Product & Development by Doug Denny – January 27th, 2016

For our last Deep Dive of January, departed from our customer architecture story format used in previous sessions to focus deeper on the topic of security and how it relates to our dedicated storage portfolio components.

New Rackspace-Optimized Spark Stack: Faster, More Productive

Product & Development by Casey Gotcher – January 27th, 2016

The new Rackspace-optimized Spark Stack is now faster and even more productive, with memory optimization and easier data exploration.

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