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AWS re:Invent Day 2 — New Features Add Power, Choice and Complexity

AWS by Abe Selig – October 8th, 2015

AWS introduced a slew of new features at re:Invent Wednesday that will make the cloud easier to use and more reliable. But many companies are still seeking experts to guide them.

Life and Tech with Robert Scoble #25

In this week’s excerpt of Robert Scoble’s Life and Tech weekly email letter, Scoble goes deep on what it means to live in a multi-cloud world.

How to Choose the Right EC2 Consumption Model in AWS for Reliability, Savings

AWS by James Cowe – October 8th, 2015

EC2 costs can make up 80 percent of your monthly AWS bill. Learn how to choose the right EC2 instances for the greatest efficiency.

EU Ruling on Safe Harbor: Rackspace Stands Prepared

Thanks to additional safeguards already in place, the invalidation of the Safe Harbor U.S. – EU framework should not significantly impact Rackspace.

AWS re:Invent Day 1 — Fanatical Support for AWS Cuts Through the Buzz

AWS by Abe Selig – October 7th, 2015

Re:Invent kicked off Tuesday with controlled chaos — and the news that Rackspace will now provide its trademark Fanatical Support for one of the world’s leading cloud platforms — Amazon Web Services.

Laying Out a Standardized Infrastructure for AWS

AWS by Sinclair Temple – October 7th, 2015

With years of experience managing cloud environments, and through its partnership with AWS, Rackspace has developed opinionated standards and best practices for architecting solutions in the AWS ecosystem.

How to Synchronize Terminated AWS Instances with Chef, New Relic and Other Saas

AWS by Jim Rosser and Martin Smith – October 7th, 2015

Rackspace’s AWS-certified DevOps engineers offer step by step instructions for terminating AWS instances as part of our Fanatical Support for AWS.

How Fanatical Support for AWS Can Help Your Business

AWS by Chris Cochran – October 7th, 2015

Rackspace crafted its Fanatical Support for AWS offerings and pricing based on feedback from customers. We offer service levels for companies from start ups to enterprise.

New Account Creation with Fanatical Support for AWS

AWS by James Cowe – October 6th, 2015

Take a technical look at how Rackspace Fanatical Support for AWS will configure your AWS account based on best practices, streamlining the process of getting you started with your new account.

Why is Rackspace Supporting Amazon Web Services?

AWS by Taylor Rhodes – October 6th, 2015

We’ve spent the past several months working with customers that love Rackspace expertise and support, and with today’s launch of Fanatical Support for Amazon Web Services, we will now be able to provide them the best managed-service offering on that platform.

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