Bacon, Lettuce And Cloud: Spinning Up A Tasty Cloud Server [VIDEO]

When I first started working at Rackspace, it took time to get a server up and running. Customers had to sign contracts, cut purchase orders and wait for the server to be built. One of the most visible impacts of the open cloud revolution is that servers can be instantaneously created; giving anyone the power of computing resources.

The Rackspace open cloud and the new Cloud Control Panel have made it a snap to spin up Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack. To prove it, I turned to the Makey Makey, a device launched on Kickstarter that promises to turn any object into a keyboard. I put this to the test using the ingredients of a BLT sandwich to spin up a Cloud Server: the bread, bacon, lettuce and cheese controlled the directions of the mouse; the tomato controlled the mouse click; and the mustard was the input of the W key.

With only these materials, I was able to make a Cloud Server powered by OpenStack in a matter of minutes! And it was delicious!

What materials would you use with the Makey Makey to create a cloud server?

(Note: no mouse was used in the creation of the Cloud Server in this video.)

BLT photo courtesy of AMagill.