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Yesterday, Rackspace announced the launch of Fanatical Support for AWS. We are excited to bring this offer to our customers and we believe it provides Rackspace an opportunity to redefine the Fanatical Support® service we provide to them. The combination of the world’s leading cloud platform from AWS and the world’s leading provider of managed services from Rackspace will accelerate and simplify businesses’ move to the cloud.
As part of Rackspace’s Fanatical Support for AWS, we’re publishing a series of posts from some of our top AWS-certified experts to help you understand our offering and get started. Below, Director of AWS Strategy & Architecture James Cowe discusses what to expect when you onboard with Rackspace Fanatical Support for AWS.
Our customers at Rackspace have always pulled us toward our future. Over the past year, more and more of them have told us that they love Rackspace expertise and Fanatical Support, and would like to get it for the workloads that they prefer to run on AWS. We have spent the past several months working with those customers and with AWS, to create the best managed services offering on that platform.
Last week on the Hangout we discussed how to load test before a big event. As part of that discussion, we mentioned the need to run a “fire drill,” to practice what to do in the event that traffic spikes above a certain threshold and the site goes offline.
In an open community, with great partners, it’s amazing how fast things get done.
Happy Friday, everyone! This week in the Download we’re highlighting three pretty powerful posts we published in support of our new Rackspace Managed Security and Compliance Assistance offerings.
Each week, Rackspace futurist Robert Scoble connects with startups and other innovative companies, then makes connections and shares insights in his free, weekly email newsletter, Life and Tech. Below is an excerpt from this week’s offering:
The most innovative social media campaign, online storefront, or customer portal quickly loses value if response times degrade just as interest is peaking, or if a security breach compromises users’ data.
This guest post was originally published on by Content Manager Jen Wike Huger. Follow her on Twitter @jenwike, and visit her online profile at
I’m pleased to bring you a good news story from British shores about last week’s UK Customer Experience awards, which was truly a day and night to remember. Rackspace achieved a clean sweep by winning in all three categories we entered as a result of votes made by a judging panel which included some of the UK’s leading customer service experts.
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