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Today, we continue our deep dive blog series, Overcoming the Challenges of Microsoft Azure. In our previous entry, we focused on the burden routine maintenance can put on IT resources. This time we’re taking a closer look at how the high cost of Azure-related expertise can stifle cloud investment and inhibit innovation.
Happy Friday everyone. Today The Download takes a look at this week’s OpenStack Summit, which wrapped up on Friday in Tokyo, Japan. A strong contingent of Rackers made the trek halfway across the globe to attend, and a number of exciting developments unfolded while they were there.
Each week, Rackspace futurist Robert Scoble looks at emerging trends in his newsletter, Life and Tech. This week’s installment looks into some of the recently announced services and innovations here at Rackspace, as well as what they’ll mean for a multi-cloud world:
Email continues to be a leading form of communication between prospects and customers. As the holidays approach, email volume will increase as retailers try to hit their revenue targets. But without a good email strategy, you could miss out.
Courtney Ferry, a senior solutions engineer with Carpathia, described her ah ha moment.
The Rackspace Cloud Databases team is proud to announce that High Availability (HA), scheduled backups, as well as some additional key features are now available in Cloud Databases.
For OpenStack adoption to grow, security must be addressed at all layers of the stack. Like any complex, evolving system, it must be constantly and vigilantly pursued.
When planning your architecture for AWS, choosing where to put development environments can often be a tricky question. In this post, we present some benefits of local development environments, some misconceptions/myths of local and cloud development environments, some examples of mixing the two (such as site to site VPNs) and a final, strong recommendation for keeping your development environment in AWS.
Take a peek into day one of OpenStack Tokyo, narrated by our very own Chief Technology Officer and all around cool human, John Engates.
Today at the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo, Rackspace announced Carina, a free public beta of a new service that allows you to create managed clusters for running containers in the cloud using the same tools you use today for running containers locally on your own computer. As the architect of Rackspace’s global container strategy, I’d like to explain what makes Carina different from the technical perspective, and share our philosophy behind the service.
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