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International Military Antiques has gone through some significant changes since it was founded more than 30 years ago.
While many online retailers worry about how their websites will handle traffic spikes on big shopping days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday VIOLET GREY has another element to throw in the mix — celebrities.
Each week, Rackspace futurist Robert Scoble connects with startups and other innovative companies and shares his insights in his free, weekly email newsletter, Life and Tech. This week, he took a look at the cameras being built by, and explains why sometimes thinking outside the box is the best way to innovate and spark new ideas:
When Frankie Coletto and two colleagues set out to create an educational tool that would help teachers and students better collaborate with one another, they had one big obstacle — none of them were educators.
When Exeter, UK-based entrepreneurs Darren Westlake and Luke Lang noticed how difficult it was for up-and-coming businesses to raise startup capital, they knew there had to be a better way.
As startups continue to make waves from transportation to dating, a new venture is looking to reignite civic engagement in American society — and it’s using Rackspace to get there.
There’s a lot of talent out there on the Internet and social media, but how do you discover it, whether you’re in the industry or a potential fan?
By Gerald Vanderpuye, CEO and Co-Founder, BuyerDeck
By John Linn, Co-Founder, Bella FSM
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