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Containers Made Easy: Tech Deep Dive into Carina by Rackspace

Product & Development by Adrian Otto – October 27th, 2015

Carina is a free public beta of a new service that allows you to create managed clusters for running containers in the cloud using the same tools you use today for running containers locally on your own computer.

Rackspace Simplifies OpenStack for the Enterprise

Cloud Industry Insights by Scott Crenshaw – October 27th, 2015

When OpenStack is used as a service, there is no complexity and expensive configuration, allowing for organizations to deploy IT resources on apps and software aimed at growing their business.

OpenStack Tokyo Day 1: Two 1,000-Node Clusters Now Available for Testing

Product & Development by Tracy Idell Hamilton – October 27th, 2015

The two 1,000 node clusters will make up the world’s largest developer test cloud — and Rackspace and Intel are now actively seeking developers eager to put their features to the test.

Overcoming the Challenges of Azure: Maintenance Drains Resources

If you haven’t yet moved to the cloud, you’re probably seriously considering Azure. And if you have already moved to the Azure cloud, you may be grappling with some very real management and resource challenges.

Transform Your Business with Rackspace Private Cloud Powered by OpenStack® and Rackspace Integrated Systems

Product & Development by Ryan Yard – October 27th, 2015

Rackspace Private Cloud Powered By OpenStack now offers support for Rackspace Integrate Systems for compute – a fully integrated modular rack of compute, storage and networking, built according to the Open Compute design principles.

Open Source DIY Project Enables Wearable Medical Device: OpenStack Summit

Product & Development by Anne Gentle – October 26th, 2015

I searched how other parents helped their kids with Type 1 diabetes and discovered Nightscout, an open source, DIY project that allows real time access to glucose monitoring data.

Office Hours Hangout – Rackspace Managed Security

New Products by Drew Cox – October 26th, 2015

This week, Office Hours Hangout spoke with the head of Strategy and Operations for Rackspace Managed Security, Jarret Raim, and looked at ways our newly-opened Customer Security Operations Center is helping mitigate threats posed by cyber attackers.

The Download: Oct. 23, 2015 — the Multi-Cloud Edition!

Cloud Industry Insights by Abe Selig – October 23rd, 2015

This week’s download looks at the emerging, multi-cloud IT landscape and ways Rackspace managed services and expertise are ramping up to provide Fanatical Support across a choice of leading technologies.

A Real-World Snapshot of Azure Migration

Partner & Customer Updates by Kent Kingery – October 22nd, 2015

If your business is heavily invested in Microsoft applications, you’re likely to evaluate Microsoft Azure as a cloud option. “Effective Azure Migration, Moving Applications to the Cloud” shows how one large insurance provider moved from an on-premises data center to the Azure cloud.

“It’s All About the People”: Diversity at OpenStack Tokyo

The OpenStack Foundation has a deep commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity in the OpenStack community. The board’s Diversity Working Group works to formulate, deliver and monitor programs to help increase that diversity and inclusivity.

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