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Office Hours Hangout: How to Load Test Your Site Before a Big Event

Cloud Industry Insights by Alan Bush – September 28th, 2015

Two of our resident experts, Rackers Jackie Campbell and Joe Ashcraft, joined us this week on the Hangout to discuss the who, what, when, where, why, and how of load testing, and how they use it to Fanatically Support our customers.

Cybersecurity Industry Faces Key Challenges, says British Intel Vet

Cloud Industry Insights by Daniel Clayton – September 28th, 2015

After 23 years in British and U.S. intelligence, Daniel Clayton found problems in the private cybersecurity sector, including an overreliance on technology against human threats, and communications failures from analysts to the boardroom.

Pay-As-You-Go Storage Now Available for Rackspace Private Cloud Powered by VMware vCloud

Product & Development by Pranav Parekh – September 28th, 2015

Shared SAN is a great pay-as-you-go storage option for workloads that need fluctuating burst capacity and flexible deployment but not the guaranteed high performance of single-tenant dedicated storage.

Rackspace Private Cloud Powered by OpenStack® Releases v11 Based on OpenStack Kilo

Product & Development by Bryan Thompson – September 28th, 2015

Building on the contributions of nearly 1,500 individuals from 169 organizations around the world, today we’re proud to announce the availability of Rackspace Private Cloud Powered by OpenStack v11.0, based on OpenStack Kilo. With each new release of OpenStack, the Rackspace Private Cloud team takes on the task of further testing the OpenStack release with […]

Life and Tech With Robert Scoble #23

Product & Development by Abe Selig – September 25th, 2015

Each week, Rackspace futurist Robert Scoble connects with startups and other innovative companies, then makes connections and shares insights in his free, weekly email newsletter, Life and Tech.

Changing the Cybersecurity Game through Information Sharing

Cloud Industry Insights by Brian Kelly – September 25th, 2015

When cloud competitors share information about cyber attacks, we reduce our collective attack surface, drive up hacker costs and reduce their gains.

Free In-Depth Guide to Choosing the Right Business Email Solution

Product & Development by Michelle Ramirez – September 24th, 2015

Our Business Email 101 Guide offers a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough to help decision makers evaluate the many different email hosting options on the market (free vs. professional, in-house vs. managed hosting, Webmail services vs. hosted Exchange).

Beyond Virtualization: VMworld 2015 Was Not Your Typical Tradeshow

Partner & Customer Updates by Kathleen Walker – September 23rd, 2015

As the U.S. VMworld 2015 recedes into our rear view mirror and we gear up for Barcelona next month, you might be wondering if a large trade show like this is worth attending. After my experience in San Francisco earlier this month, my answer with a resounding yes, and here’s why:

Redis Dev Day, UnConf: Collaborate, Buzz Create

Partner & Customer Updates by Nikki Tirado – September 22nd, 2015

Redis hosts Dev Day for Redis developers and unConf for Redis users on Oct. 19, 20. Come join us!

Managed Cassandra Powered by DataStax Now Available From Rackspace

New Products by Kyle Hunter – September 22nd, 2015

Rackspace has expanded its data services offerings with the addition of Managed Cassandra powered by DataStax to its leading, comprehensive data services portfolio.

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