Rackspace: The Open Cloud Company

Filed in Cloud Industry Insights by Rackspace Blogger | August 7, 2012 1:00 pm

Last week, we reached a major milestone with the launch of our open cloud product portfolio[1]. It turned the page to the next chapter of Rackspace’s open cloud story[2], which started in earnest more than two years ago when we founded OpenStack.

We have built the future of our business on open source software and on an open cloud environment. We run the world’s largest OpenStack-powered public cloud. And now Rackspace is officially “the open cloud company.”

This isn’t just an enhancement to our brand; it’s signifies that Rackspace is a leader in open source cloud development, and that open standards and technologies will continue to pump through our products and services. The open cloud is an extension of Rackspace’s hybrid and dedicated hosting footprints for over 180,000 customers around the globe.

Being a service-first company, it is in our veins to deliver the right customer outcomes. That means freeing cloud consumers – app developers and IT departments large and small — from the threat of lock-in and putting the power choice into their hands. An open cloud is the only way to accomplish this mission. We’ve already witnessed the incredible change open systems can spark, evidenced by industry-shaping open movements like Linux and Android. Additionally, we believe this open revolution will drive innovation and further spur adoption of cloud technologies, cementing the cloud as the future of all IT.

To celebrate this extension of our brand, “the open cloud company” is now the official tagline of Rackspace. It is now integrated into our logo and will be a visual representation of our commitment to delivering production-scale open cloud solutions that offer our customers true choice, portability and control, while empowering them to run their clouds in public, private and hybrid environments.

And at the heart of the open cloud company is Rackspace’s award-winning Fanatical Support, ensuring our customers are backed by passionate Rackers as they embrace the open cloud.

This brand enhancement comes on the heels of Rackspace Cloud Databases[3], Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack[4] and the Cloud Control Panel[5] – key components of our open cloud portfolio – reaching unlimited availability.

With OpenStack as the platform, the Rackspace open cloud is backed by Fanatical Support and is now available to our new and existing customers.

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