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Traditional ROI models only focus on simple cost benefits and overlook the real value of cloud. So how are we supposed to calculate and maximize ROI in this new cloud world?
DevOps is the tech term du jour, but it is much more than a hot buzzword. DevOps is a key component to successful cloud adoption and the future of enterprise IT. Applications and app development fuel IT and it is imperative for both developers and IT operators to understand cloud integration and the complexities that come with it.
Deploying, managing and running a large-scale, enterprise private cloud is not an easy task. One of our goals here at Rackspace is to make it easier for you to deploy and run clouds.
One reason enterprises cite for not moving faster to the cloud is fear of lock-in. Lock-in is the equivalent driving an old, breakdown-prone, gas-guzzling car instead of investing in a newer model that runs better and saves time and money in the long-run because you don’t want to invest the time and money for a newer, more efficient model. Many enterprises see moving or switching clouds the same way. Even though the current cloud-hosted architecture may be difficult to maintain or the service is less than stellar, large enterprise with massive data stores often choose to remain in a bad situation because of the size and scale of moving and the possibility of having to re-architect applications.
This is the third in a five-part series for webinars with GigaOM Pro on the future of the business and enterprise cloud.
This post was written by Cliff Turner, Solutions Architect for Rackspace’s Enterprise Services Division
There’s a ton of buzz around cloud computing – especially because of its resource and budget efficiencies – but most of that buzz seems to center on SMBs and developers. So where does that leave enterprise businesses? At Rackspace we often see that enterprises are excited about the cloud’s potential and its benefits, but they’re unsure about whether it’s ready for enterprise-level mission-critical hosting.
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