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You just aired a commercial during the Big Game and are about to get blitzed with traffic to your website. John and Jerry give you play-by-play analysis on how to make sure your web config scores a touchdown. For more in depth information, be sure to check out our previous post that details the importance of a (1) Static Home Page, (2) Team of Web Nodes, (3) Database Replication, (4) Caching Your Content and (5) Load Balancing Your Config.
Over the past several years, few Internet technologies have garnered more attention and praise than cloud computing. It’s been heralded primarily for its ability to drive down the cost of running an Internet business, helped entrepreneurs create low-cost startups, and has helped fuel incubators like YCombinator and TechStars. Rackspace is taking advantage of this as well,  via our own Startup Program.
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