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One of the most powerful features of the cloud is that developers and operations engineers can treat infrastructure as code. Instead of calling a provider requesting to bring a new server online, or asking for it to be removed, people can now write their application to toolkits that can control their entire configuration. Using a Multi-Cloud Toolkit makes this even easier – it allows you to control infrastructure on a variety of clouds in your native programming language, while reducing the amount of time you have to spend learning how to communicate with different cloud APIs.
As OSCON, a global conference on open source software, got underway in Portland this week, the timing of the recent J.K. Rowling unmasking couldn’t have been better. As my colleague and co-author, Garrett Heath, tweeted from the conference, “Accio Open Source!” For the three people left on the planet who haven’t read a Harry Potter book, that’s a common summoning charm used among Rowling’s fictional wizards.
OpenStack is no longer a toddler. Today, it’s three years old. And like all preschoolers, it’s making amazing strides and having an occasional fall. But it is absolutely something that all of us who helped birth are amazingly proud of! It has grown into a project the scope of which is beyond anything we saw coming three years go.
Today marks the Third Anniversary of OpenStack. In this mini-documentary, we hear from some of the founders and early contributors to OpenStack as they look back to the initial collaboration and reflect on the joining of like-minded developers and technologists that ignited the OpenStack open source movement.
Our first Appium Hackathon was such a success, that we’re doing it all over again. Next week (Monday, July 1) we’ll hold our second Appium Hackathon with our friends from Sauce Labs at the San Francisco Rackspace office!
The 2013 Red Hat Summit was my second one and I enjoyed it more than last year. Quite a few people asked for a recap and some takeaways from the Summit and that’s what I hope to do in this post.
I knew that if I ever started a company, I would build it on some of the principles that drive open source projects.
The hackathon we co-hosted with Sauce Labs last week to dive into Appium, the open source tool for mobile automation, was a brilliant success. Thank you to all who came out! We had such a great time that we plan to hold another hackathon soon.
Here at Rackspace we are deeply committed to furthering the software development community. We love things like well-tested applications and vibrant open source projects.
Information and technology are disruptive. But data-driven disruption is what will ultimately break down the barriers of closed, inaccessible, unaccountable government. The OpenGov Foundation is a scrappy little tech non-profit working to open government and developing and deploying tools that help people participate in their government and hold it accountable.
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