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A few years ago when Twitter was still “twttr,” we found people talking about hosting with us. Before long, they were actively reaching out to us for help. We recognized that Fanatical Support shouldn’t just exist inside our customer portals or telephone lines, so we decided to build a team to figure out how to bring our support to social media.
How do you talk with your Twitter following and not just at them? Nestivity provides the tools to transform your account into a community. For example, your incoming tweets can became an engaging discussion sparking more involvement with your followers.  When people reply or add comments, they’re essentially tweets in which they keep adding to the discussion. With Nestivity’s dashboard, you can ask questions, post ideas and even have a number of moderators to help curate the content with the administrative tools. This will be an invaluable tool for not just for individuals but for brands who want to have a better customer service experience or even start discussions with its products via Twitter.
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EDITOR’S NOTE: This article describes an obsolete version of Apache Cassandra. For tutorials covering modern Cassandra, please visit
There is a proven theory in the investing world about how one should not put all their eggs in one basket. In a word, diversification. The logic of diversification has been applied to many circles of life, but it is now proving to be good advice in communications, especially email.
Many blog posts have written about the share shift of email toward social media apps, like Facebook. A post on ReadWriteWeb yesterday attempts to explain this. But, this is not a race to zero for email—especially in the business world. Why? Because businesses want to have their employees digitally communicate using a corporate email account and, in some cases, are legally obligated to do so.
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