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Want a closer look at our new VMware® offering? Want a better understanding of what the hybrid cloud future looks like? Interested in seeing a technical demo of a next-generation orchestration tool, ServiceMesh Agility Platform™, which allows you to manage and control multiple heterogeneous clouds – all from a single pane of glass?
More than ever before, IT is poised to become a key business player and advisor to the business.
Are you new to OpenStack? Then you won’t want to miss this! This Wednesday, join me, Niki Acosta, Rackspace Cloud Evangelista, and Scott Sanchez, Rackspace Director of Strategy, as we provide a no-nonsense introduction to OpenStack powered public, private and hybrid clouds. Attendees will learn how companies of all sizes are leveraging OpenStack and the automation it enables to fuel innovation and reduce time to market.
According to Scott Bils, Managing Partner at Leverhawk, IT as a Service (ITaaS) is in fact a new IT business and operating model, not a delivery platform. ITaaS is when IT becomes a service provider that offers and orchestrates IT services instead of organizing around traditional technology silos. The model provides users self-serve access to internal and third-party services via an integrated service catalog that supports chargeback and billing.
This year’s holiday retail season is a week shorter than last year’s,according to the National Retailer Federation (NRF). How will you get the most out of your ecommerce website this holiday season? You can start by attending the free Early Planning is the Key to Online Holiday Success webinar.
The demand for OpenStack professionals is skyrocketing. A quick search on reveals that there are currently more than 2,600 positions in which OpenStack is part of the job description.
Choosing a platform and a cloud model is an important decision for your business. While the public cloud is a powerful technology, it’s not always the best fit for every workload. That’s where the hybrid cloud comes in.
Got questions about PCI compliance in hybrid clouds and what it means to your customers?
The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) will kick off a new series of monthly webinars for Linux and open source professionals at 1 p.m. CDT Tuesday, August 20. The first installment will answer the question “What is OpenStack?”
Your business is growing; can your database support it?
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