The Journey To Open Computing Continues

Filed in Cloud Industry Insights by Wesley Jess | January 16, 2013 1:00 pm

When we joined the Open Compute Project[1] as a founding member nearly two years ago, we made the promise to work closely with partners to deliver data center solutions built on open standards.

And, today, we’re doing just that.

At the Open Compute Summit[2] this week in Santa Clara, Calif., we continue our journey to the open cloud by contributing compute and storage designs to the Open Compute Project community.

Later this year we plan to purchase servers built on those Open Compute Project designs. And in the first half of 2013 we plan to have servers installed and running in one of our new data centers. This three-phase journey is around open standards, open hardware and, ultimately, open data centers.

Through the Open Compute Project, we work with like-minded companies to advance our vision of truly open computing. Last year, we officially launched the Rackspace open cloud[3], and today we highlight our plans to leverage open hardware designs in our data centers.

The Rackspace open cloud and our work with the Open Compute Project help tear down the walls of lock-in that come with proprietary technologies while fostering adoption of open standards.

We are committed to the journey toward true openness; and we’re excited about where it’s taking us and the industry.

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