10 Ways to Save with Google Cloud Platform and Rackspace

With Rackspace Managed Services for Google Cloud Platform, companies can save lots of money, thanks to Google’s innovative pricing and Rackspace’s around-the-clock support.

Cloud costs

Controlling cloud costs is a leading challenge for enterprises at each stage of their cloud journey.

Fortunately, companies utilizing a public cloud can benefit from the strategic partnership between Google and Rackspace. Google Cloud Platform is a state-of-the-art, cost-friendly public cloud, and Google has selected Rackspace as its first managed services provider for GCP, based on Rackspace’s vast cloud expertise and dedication to a fanatical customer experience.

With Managed GCP by Rackspace, companies can maximize their cost savings on Google Cloud while also saving on hiring, training and retaining top talent to operate their cloud operations. In this post we will focus on the ten most significant cost-saving opportunities.

5 ways GCP saves money for customers

Google Cloud Platform is a rising star in the public cloud marketplace, and shines in large part due to its low costs. In fact, Google says Google Cloud customers pay 60 percent less, on average, for many compute workloads.

Here are five ways Google Cloud compares favorably to its main public cloud competition:

No upfront costs

Companies don’t need to make an upfront payment to use GCP. It offers a no-cost tier that provides some services that are free for the first year and others that are always free. AWS and Azure also offer no-cost tiers but provide minimal services available for only a set period of time.

Usage discounts

With GCP, it’s easy to save money. Sustained use discounts, for instance, are applied automatically. Also, if you regularly use Compute Engine’s virtual machines, Google offers generous committed use discounts.

No termination fees

You stop paying for a Google Cloud service when you stop using it. The sole exception is flat-rate BigQuery (your support fees are prorated to the day of cancellation). Both AWS and Azure charge termination fees for different services.

Per-second billing

Google Cloud offers unlimited pay-per-second billing. AWS offers per-second billing for only EC2 and a few other services. Azure offers per-second billing only for container instances.

Compute right-size recommendations

Google Cloud provides sizing recommendations for compute workloads so companies consume fewer resources and spend less time on management. Not so with AWS and Azure.

The above cost factors represent just some of the ways that GCP outcompetes on price. But don’t take just our word about Google Cloud’s cost savings. Cloud Spectator recently compared 20 Linux and 20 Windows instances on AWS, Azure and GCP. It found that GCP costs less than AWS and Azure in 35 of these 40 instances, according to this Datamation article.

5 ways Rackspace saves money for GCP customers

Companies that select Google Cloud can architect, manage and support the cloud themselves. Or they can hire a managed services provider like Rackspace to handle some (or all) of their GCP workloads.

Here are five ways that Rackspace Managed Services can help customers save money as opposed to taking the DIY route:

IT staff salaries

A company typically needs an IT staff of four engineers to manage and support GCP. These employees’ salaries will range from $75,000 to $200,000 apiece, depending on where the company is located. (Salaries are higher, for instance, in Silicon Valley and many metropolitan areas.) By comparison, Rackspace’s Aviator service has a monthly fee as low as $1,800 and provides around-the-clock support for GCP, with a 15-minute initial response time for critical issues.

Aviator vs. DIY

The value of developers can be measured by the number of lines of code they write. With DIY, developers are often kept busy managing GCP. With Aviator, however, Rackspace’s GCP-certified specialists are managing your Google Cloud. Meanwhile, your developers are providing a higher value for your company, writing code that improves your digital products or services.

Infrastructure as code

In a traditional IT department, your staff must engage in the time-consuming, multi-step process of setting up and deploying a server before it’s ready for an app developer. At Rackspace, we employ infrastructure as code — a mix of automation, scripts and deployment methods — so all an app developer needs to do is push a button to receive a ready-made infrastructure that meets his or her server requirements.

The benefits for our customers — in terms of saved time and energy, reduced human errors and faster deployments — are priceless.

GCP knowledge

One ongoing expense DIYers often underestimate: their IT staff’s need to stay knowledgeable about GCP. Google Cloud is a rapidly evolving platform. During the last six months, 500 new releases were introduced. Your IT staff needs to stay abreast of these changes. The failure to do so can cause brand-damaging outages, data breaches and other productivity-sapping incidents.

The cost of downtime

Rackspace Managed Services can save GCP customers money over the long term, thanks to our proactive management, use of automation tools and emphasis on continual optimization. Our GCP-certified specialists tap into the expertise and knowledge of their peers at Google, and public cloud experts at Rackspace, to ensure your Google Cloud not only operates at its optimal level but stays online. Cost of downtime: $5,600 per minute, according to Gartner.

How Rackspace can help

Worldwide, large enterprises lose nearly $260 million a year due to a lack of cloud expertise, according to The Cost of Cloud Expertise Report, a 2017 study commissioned by Rackspace in collaboration with the London School of Economics and Political Sciences.

As Google’s first managed services partner for GCP, Rackspace helps customers of all sizes plan, architect and operate projects at scale, leveraging its 200+ GCP-certified experts. Rackspace recently acquired Datapipe, a next-gen cloud managed service provider, and both were named as leaders in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Managed Service Providers, Worldwide.

Whether you’re already a Google customer or simply getting started in the public cloud, Rackspace can help you accelerate innovation and cost savings within your organization by taking over the intensive day-to-day operations of the cloud — letting you focus on achieving your core business objectives while optimizing the performance of your applications in the cloud.

Rackspace Managed Services for GCP is available for customers in more than 10 countries and will be globally available this year. For more information, please visit Managed Google Cloud.

John LeBaron is Senior Director and Head of Marketing for Rackspace's Google business unit, where he oversees all product marketing and go-to-market activities for the company's Google offerings including Managed Services, Customer Reliability Engineering and Managed Security. Prior to joining Rackspace, John held a variety of global enterprise, demand generation and partner marketing roles with leading tech companies including Cisco, Apple and Ciena. He holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, an MSW from Columbia University and a B.A. in Communications from Brigham Young University.