10 Ways to Save with Google Cloud Platform and Rackspace

With Rackspace Managed Services for Google Cloud Platform, companies can save lots of money, thanks to Google’s innovative pricing and Rackspace’s around-the-clock support.

Cloud costs

Editor’s note: this post was updated on March 14, 2019

Controlling cloud costs is a leading challenge for enterprises at every stage of their cloud journey.

Fortunately, companies utilizing a public cloud can benefit from the strategic partnership between Google Cloud and Rackspace. Google Cloud Platform is a state-of-the-art, cost-effective public cloud and is steadily growing as a leader in the public cloud space. Rackspace was selected as Google Cloud’s first managed services provider, based on our deep cloud expertise and dedication to our customers’ Fanatical Experience.

When deploying Managed Google Cloud Platform by Rackspace, companies can maximize their cost savings — and that includes on hiring, training and retaining top talent to operate their cloud. In this post, I’ll focus on the ten most significant cost-saving opportunities.

Five ways Google Cloud Platform saves money for customers

Google Cloud Platform is a leader in the public cloud marketplace, and shines in large part due to its low, customer-friendly pricing. In fact, Google Cloud customers pay up to  60 percent less, on average, for many compute workloads.

Here are five ways Google Cloud compares favorably to its competition:

  • No upfront costs

Companies don’t need to make an upfront payment to use Google Cloud Platform. Google offers a no-cost tier that provides some services free for the first year and others for free on an ongoing basis. Other public clouds offer no-cost tiers but provide minimal services, and only for a set period of time.

  • Usage discounts

With Google Cloud Platform, sustained use discounts are applied automatically. Also, if you regularly use Compute Engine’s virtual machines, Google offers generous committed use discounts.

  • No termination fees

You stop paying for a Google Cloud service when you stop using it. The sole exception is flat-rate BigQuery (your support fees are prorated to the day of cancellation). Other leading public clouds charge termination fees for different services.

  • Per-second billing

Google Cloud offers unlimited pay-per-second billing. Other public clouds offer per-second billing only in certain instances for certain services. 

  • Compute right-size recommendations

Google Cloud provides sizing recommendations for compute workloads so companies consume fewer resources and spend less time on management. Not so with other public clouds.

The above cost factors represent just some of the ways that Google Cloud Platform outcompetes on price. But don’t take just our word about Google Cloud’s cost savings. Cloud Spectator compared 20 Linux and 20 Windows instances on GCP and their leading competitors and found that GCP costs less in 35 of these 40 instances.

Five ways Rackspace saves money for Google Cloud Platform customers

Companies that select Google Cloud can architect, manage and support the cloud themselves or they can hire a managed service provider like Rackspace to handle some (or all) of their GCP workloads.

Here are five ways that Rackspace Managed Services can help customers save money as opposed to taking the DIY route:

  • IT staff salaries

A company typically needs an IT staff of four engineers to manage and support Google Cloud. These employees’ salaries will range from $75,000 to $200,000 each depending on where the company is located. By comparison, Rackspace’s Aviator service pricing starts at $1,800 and provides around-the-clock support for GCP, with a 15-minute initial response time for critical issues.

  • Service Blocks vs. DIY

The value of developers can be measured by the number of lines of code they write. With DIY, developers are often kept busy managing Google Cloud. Rackspace has boosted our Fanatical Experience for customers by increasing flexibility in pricing and resell requirements with an a la carte style menu of services known as Service Blocks. This allows your developers to focus on writing code for business-critical applications, providing a higher value for your company.

  • Infrastructure as code

In a traditional IT department, your staff must engage in the time-consuming, multistep process of setting up and deploying a server before it’s ready for an app developer. At Rackspace, we employ infrastructure as code — a mix of automation, scripts and deployment methods — so an app developer can simply push a button to receive a ready-made infrastructure that meets his or her server requirements.

The benefits for our customers — saved time and energy, reduced human errors and faster deployments — are priceless.

  • Google Cloud Platform knowledge

One ongoing expense DIYers often underestimate: their IT staff’s need to stay knowledgeable about the multitude and complexity of public clouds. Google Cloud is only one of the rapidly evolving platforms, and your IT staff is striving to stay abreast of all of these changes. Failure to do so can cause brand-damaging outages, data breaches and other productivity-sapping incidents.

  • The cost of downtime

The average cost of downtime is $5,600 per minute, according to Gartner. Rackspace Managed Services can save Google Cloud Platform customers money over the long term, thanks to our proactive management, use of automation tools and emphasis on continual optimization. Our GCP-certified specialists tap into the expertise and knowledge of their peers at Google, and public cloud experts at Rackspace, to ensure your Google Cloud not only operates at its optimal level but stays online.

How Rackspace can help

As Google’s first managed services partner for Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace helps customers of all sizes plan, architect and deploy projects at scale, leveraging its 350+ GCP-certified experts. Our expertise has been validated for the third year in a row, as Gartner has once again positioned Rackspace in the Leaders quadrant of its 2019 Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Professional and Managed Service Providers.

Whether you’re already established in the cloud or just getting started, Google Cloud Platform is an affordable, reliable, innovative and intuitive cloud platform.

Rackspace can help you accelerate innovation and cost savings by taking over the intensive day-to-day operations of Google Cloud Platform – letting you focus on achieving your core business objectives while optimizing the performance of your applications

Let’s talk about how Rackspace Managed Services for Google Cloud Platform expertise helps you achieve your goals.

Daniel Sheppard is a seasoned product manager with a background in infrastructure and software. He has worked with companies ranging from Fortune 500 to early stage startups, and is aware of the unique challenges each of these environments face with adoption and operation of technology. Daniel brings that background to his current role as a head of product for Rackspace's Google partnership, where he is responsible for the overall integration strategy for Google and Rackspace products. Daniel holds multiple certifications in project management and has his MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business.