Jungle Disk Give Away – All Gone Already!

UPDATE: Wow, that didn’t take long!  The licenses are all spoken for – winners will be notified via email as soon as we verify the logs to make sure we get the actual first 20.  Thanks much, and while you are here, we hope you look around a bit! PS – follow us on Twitter!

Over on his blog Robert Scoble is asking, “It’s a new year, have you backed up?”

The topic is being discussed on Robert’s FriendFeed account.

To welcome the New Year, and to encourage you to backup your data, we have 20 free licenses of Jungle Disk to give away!

How do you win one?  Leave a comment here on why you need Jungle Disk.  The first 20 comments win.  Simple enough!

Note: You are responsible for your own storage costs!

Register with  a valid email address as that is the only way the award can be delivered.

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  1. I have a consulting business in Hollywood as the Hollywood Mac Guru. I’d like to send less people to Drivesavers then I have to. A great backup system would be great to recommend to my customers.

  2. I need jungle disk because disk backup sucks for me, because my OS X hates NTFS, and my PC hates HFS+. Gimme some jungle disk!

  3. I have 4 computers at home with about 24 Terabytes of data including all my removable drives – who needs backup more than me?? Plus, I’m already a customer of Mosso and love their service. 🙂

  4. I need a Jungle Disk account because I have a laptop, a desktop, a computer at work, my wifes computer, and we have pictures on each one, and i cant keep track of all the pictures, and there’s kids and we are taking pictures of them, so there’s more pictures, and a dog, there’s another 500 pictures a month. I need to store my pictures on a virtual drive on the cloud that i can access from any computer! HELP!

  5. My main need is for all my photos. Not sure what I would ever do if I lost 18 years of my daughter growing up. They are all right there in one folder.

  6. I really need a offsite backup solution to help me become a better photographer. I am always worried about my photography. I once lost a drive that had over 20,000 photos on it. It was such a bummer that I actually cried about it.

    And I still can’t afford to get the data recovered. This would make my day! Thanks!

  7. I need a Jungle Disk because I have all my websites and apps running on my local disk on a laptop and it has a flaky hard drive.

  8. Hi,

    I would love to get a Jungle Disk account, since my Harddrive stopped working last year. So I am in need for a new (this time online) backup solution.

  9. That’s easy! I need a Jungle Disk because my start-up business runs out of three offices and I don’t always have the means to back up data physically when I’m away from my home office. Backing up virtually is the best option for me and my employees.

  10. I’ve actually downloaded the demo of Jungle Disk, but could use a licensed version. I have a second hard drive that backs up my regular drive, but a fire or natural disaster would do no good as both drives are in the same location.

    Offsite storage would be awesome, and a way more secure solution.

  11. Why do I need Jungle Disk?

    Well that’s simple. I currently have no off-site back-up for my personal files. If a fire or natural disaster were to happen, I could very well lose everything unless I am able to take it with me.

  12. I’ve always wanted to play with S3, but I’ve never had the chance. Jungle Disk would be a handy way to open me up to Amazon’s silo. Plus, now I don’t need to worry about upgrading my hd.

  13. I need JungleDisk and an S3 account because although as I have both a Drobo with SuperDuper and Time Machine working wonderfully on it, I have no offsite backup to speak of which leaves me quite vulnerable if God forbid anything were to happen here at my home office

  14. Backup?! It’s never too late to think about backup procedures. You may never know when your hard drive stops being friendly with you.

  15. I am a computer tech and would like to evaluate this service as this would save my clients a lot of frustration and time.

  16. Me too! having 4+ computers makes my external hdds tired and i wouldn’t want to kick and step on them when the finally stop working. 😛

  17. Is there *anyone* who can’t use a little more backup? Or backup opportunity? Surely not! Portability and ubiquitous access is the way to go.

  18. dude, like wtf? i came here, there were 12 comments… i register, and suddenly theres 40 comments.

    i should get an account just for registering, no?


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