12 Days of Christmas at Rackspace: Part 2

Our expedited 12 Days of Christmas continues, with the first four days outlined in Part 1. As you project your hosting needs for 2011, our version of the 12 days is a great way to become acquainted with Rackspace’s services and the Fanatical Support® that makes us so unique.

Before moving forward, here is a recap of the first four days:

First Day of Christmas:
One Company for your Hosting Needs

Second Day of Christmas:
Two Options for Email Hosting

Third Day of Christmas:
Three Product Lines within the Cloud

Fourth Day of Christmas:
Four Types of Dedicated Hosting Solutions

Fifth Day of Christmas:
Five SharePoint 2010 Demos

Collaboration and information sharing is a central component of any successful business. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is a valuable resource for cutting costs and making better business decisions.

Rackspace provides a hosting platform for customers to host, share and store information across your network. What’s more, Rackspace has developed five SharePoint video demos to assist you with strategically launching and employing SharePoint within your organization. Topics include SharePoint’s “out of the box” benefits, questions to consider when deciding if SharePoint is the right business solution for you and an overview of SharePoint’s capabilities and features.

Sixth Day of Christmas:
Six Areas of Expert Certification

Our exceptional level of support is a direct result of our expertise. We make promises we can deliver, thanks to our commitment of hiring the best and training them to become even better.

In keeping with our promise of an unparalleled service, we have set the bar high throughout the following six areas: company examinations, company certifications, employee certifications, service expertise, Linux expertise and Windows expertise.

Our affiliations with Linux and Windows, our growing number of awards and staying up to date with certifications are the backbone to our team’s knowledge.

Seventh Day of Christmas:
Seven Days a Week, We Never Sleep

Suffice to say there is always coffee brewing at Rackspace. We work around the clock, with dedicated teams of Rackers ensuring we achieve Fanatical Support® 24x7x365. This means that you can always reach your Account Manager who knows you, your business and your network configuration.

Everyday you can expect the following qualities of support from your dedicated team: responsiveness, ownership, resourcefulness, expertise and transparency. In other words, we’re here for you day and night, working for your unique needs, with custom-tailored solutions, using only the most qualified experts while keeping you in the loop at all times.

Eighth Day of Christmas:
Eight Days of Hybrid Capabilities for Peak Traffic

It’s likely your E-commerce site will experiencing peak traffic during the holidays. The worst thing you could do is lose customers due to a website whose performance capabilities cannot handle the increased volume.

With Rackspace Hybrid Hosting you can mix-and-match multiple compute platforms, at a fraction of the cost. Our knowledgeable team can assist you with building a strategy that helps to pair your Managed Hosting account with a server in the Cloud. In doing so, you’ll be able to overflow traffic seamlessly without the decrease in network performance. This season, instead of worrying about network capabilities, you can focus on closing more sales during your busiest eight (or more) days.

Rackspace in Action:

TweetPhoto launched in March 2009, and has since gone from a 5,000-user test pilot to more than 4.3 million visits per month. This growing base, clearly, needed a solution that addressed their rapidly expanding user base.

Rackspace assisted TweetPhoto with migrating to Managed Hosting Services. This robust structure provided TweetPhoto with a scalable structure, ensuring TweetPhoto always delivers a positive user experience.

Sean Callahan, founder of TweetPhoto says, “We focus on the business side and Rackspace focuses on the technology side. We don’t have to deploy our own servers and configure them or have our own DBA, for example—this helps reduce costs in our business and also helps with support in general. The same thing is true with their Windows specialists, the engineering solutions team and more. We have basically had a Fortune 500 IT department supporting our business. Only Rackspace can do that.”

Read more about the services and support Rackspace has provided TweetPhoto.

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