12 Days of Christmas: Part 3

The final part of our 12 Days of Christmas at Rackspace® Hosting has arrived. Days one through eight (Part 1 and Part 2) have demonstrated the level of service and quality of products offered at Rackspace. As we ring in 2011 in a few days, we will be celebrating more than a decade of Fanatical Support® provided to tens of thousands of businesses and organizations across the globe.

Before moving forward, here is a recap of the first eight days:

First Day of Christmas:
One Company for your Hosting Needs

Second Day of Christmas:
Two Options for Email Hosting

Third Day of Christmas:
Three Product Lines within the Cloud

Fourth Day of Christmas:
Four Types of Dedicated Hosting Solutions

Fifth Day of Christmas:
Five SharePoint 2010 Demos

Sixth Day of Christmas:
Six Areas of Certification

Seventh Day of Christmas:
Seven Days a Week, We Never Sleep

Eighth Day of Christmas:
Eight Days of Hybrid Capabilities for Peak Traffic

Ninth Day of Christmas:
Nine Data Centers

Our data centers offer top-notch physical security, a precision environment, conditioned power, a core routing environment and highly-skilled network technicians. Our promise to maintain network availability 100% of the time is supported by these nine, worldwide data centers.

Biometric scanning, keycard protocols, advanced fire suppression systems and uninterrupted power supply ensure our most valuable resource – your data – is constantly performing at maximum efficiency.

Tenth Day of Christmas:
Ten of the Highest Rated CloudTools

There are many diverse applications and uses for the Rackspace Cloud. We’ve partnered with numerous companies who offer tools that have helped our customers improve performance and functionality within the Cloud. Among those partners are our top rated tools – ranging from content archiving to application performance monitoring, our partners have developed tools to help you get the most out of your Cloud experience.

Eleventh Day of Christmas:
Eleven Managed Hosting Services

Managed Hosting means you can go about your business, focusing on strategic decisions and not worrying about data management. From managed security and storage to databases and private clouds, Rackspace has been perfecting Managed Hosting for more than a decade.

Our 11 managed hosting services include the following: Managed Security, Dedicated Microsoft SharePoint, Unmetered Managed Backup, Rackspace Critical Sites and Disaster Recovery Services.

Twelfth Day of Christmas:
Twelve Years of Fanatical Support®

Twelve years ago Rackspace launched with the promise of offering something unprecedented – a global hosting provider whose support was unparalleled in enthusiasm and knowledge. Today, we offer a growing selection of hosting products with that same level of Fanatical Support® that launched us on day one.

Thank you to all our employees, partners and customers who have helped us to become one of the worldwide leaders in hosting. We look forward to many more years and thousands more success stories.

Rackspace in Action:

LivingSocial enables people to share reviews of their favorite movies, books, games, music, restaurants and more. In a few short years, LivingSocial has grown to more than 90 million users, and is among the more popular Facebook applications. With this explosive growth came the need to properly scale servers and other infrastructure to address the mounting demands of traffic.

Originally with another hosting company, CTO and Co-Founder, Aaron Batalion realized the need for a hosting provider that could effectively serve as an extension of his team. He turned to Rackspace and formalized the relationship after a brief courtship.

Batalion recounts the daily support he receives from Rackspace, “Rackspace provided us with three different firewalls in three days when our growth was exploding. It took only hours to stop the bottleneck caused by users flooding to our site because I can call Rackspace and say ‘here’s the problem, here’s what we need, how do we solve this.’ Rackspace’s Fanatical Support® is real.”

Read more about Rackspace’s solution to LivingSocial’s growth challenges.

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