Ruby on Rails Transition

Some of you may have heard that adding a new Ruby on Rails site will soon no longer be an option in our Control Panel (unless you already have a Rails site active on Cloud Sites).  We plan to stop provisioning new Ruby on Rails sites to the Cloud Sites platform as we transition over to a different hosting model for RoR, based on Slicehost’s technology.  Slicehost is already an amazing platform for Ruby on Rails Hosting.  Those of you already using Cloud Sites with Ruby on Rails don’t have to change anything – we’ll  continue supporting you as usual and we’ll inform you well in advance when our new hosting solution is available.

To be candid, we started the RoR effort with a pretty lofty ambition: to build a Ruby on Rails infrastructure in a scalable, multi-tenant environment. To do that though, we had to make some fundamental changes to the way RoR behaves, and we created a platform that doesn’t always fit cleanly into a typical developer’s workflow. With the acquisition of Slicehost, we decided to focus our Ruby development on that platform, which is already an awesome Ruby platform.   Sometimes you have to rethink things a bit to come out with something even stronger. That’s exactly what Rackspace Cloud Hosting is doing right now with Ruby on Rails.

In the meantime, we recommend that new customers looking for an immediate RoR solution should look at Slicehost (part of the Rackspace Cloud Hosting family). There are some amazing articles available on to help you get Ruby on Rails up and going in your own environment with full root access.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us, or reach us through a Support Chat.

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