2007 Year in Review

Before we get too far into 2008, I wanted to take a second to reflect on some of the things we accomplished in 2007. I know it’s a little late, but better late than never.
It was busy, but 2007 proved to be another successful and productive year for us at Webmail. We met—and often exceeded—our goals, thanks to our dedicated team. We’re always working to make our products, infrastructure, and customer care the best it can be for our customers . . .
* We enhanced our webmail product with several new features, including shared calendars and SMS reminders for calendar events. We also completely redesigned and improved the Contacts section and implemented a new, more intuitive menu system.
* Customers can now easily set up and manage Bcc archiving services and data restores through the control panel. We have also released new anti-spam API, as well as helpful troubleshooting tools for customers.
* We launched our new email marketing service, Outreach™, which allows customers to contact large audiences through email newsletter campaigns. We continued to integrate new features into this product throughout the year.
* We launched Outlook-Sync, our first in a series of sync products that will allow customers to synchronize their online data (calendar, contacts, tasks) with popular software and wireless devices.
System Infrastructure
* We added more than 300 servers throughout the year, and we implemented a “smart traffic balancing

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