3pm or 3am – Six Flags Counts on Rackspace

Businesses faced with seasonal traffic surges are often forced with the difficult choice between maintaining costly peak-usage infrastructure year round or risking a diminished experience during surges.

Sean Andersen, Director, Interactive Services, Six Flags, faces this situation managing the site for a major water park operator with locations across America.  The site can range from a quarter of a million users in winter, the off-season for water parks, up to over two million in the summer at the height of water park interest. “Our website, sixflags.com, is a major venue for our ticket and season pass sales. As one of our primary commerce engines, it needs to be highly available,” explains Andersen.

How does Six Flags handle the dilemma? They use Rackspace. “With Rackspace, we can design the services we need on the back end to process the orders that result, without having to worry about hardware or operating systems,” says Andersen.

Why Rackspace? “I’ve used Rackspace in previous jobs,” he recalls. “And in over ten years, I have never had a negative issue with them. I have never felt frustrated with them—not once. That is unheard of in a client-vendor relationship.”

Download the full case study to find out how Rackspace caters to Six Flags’ unique IT needs.

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