4 Signs You May Need a Consulting Partner

Salesforce is one of the most effective customer relationship management (CRM) systems on the market right now, but in reality, it’s much more than that.

This dynamic platform can help manage everything from sales to client relations to marketing strategies. Its flexibility makes it uniquely suited to work within a range of industries of virtually any size.

While it may be tempting to take a DIY approach to your Salesforce implementation, you risk missing out on a significant amount of the platform’s value by doing so.

Salesforce can help save you time, energy, and overhead costs. And just like an accountant will maximize your tax refund, a Salesforce consulting partner can maximize your return on investment in the Salesforce platform.

If you’re on the fence about whether to engage a consulting partner, consider these four signs that can signify the need for a specialist.

1. You’re Short on Time

Despite being such a dynamic tool, Salesforce won’t benefit you if whoever’s installing the platform doesn’t have the time to properly learn how to use or customize it for your unique business. Salesforce is intuitive to use once the system is in place, but it takes work to integrate it for daily use from the start. If you don’t have someone with the time to dedicate to implementing Salesforce, you risk rushed processes and inefficiencies.

Consulting partners are thoroughly trained in installing and customizing Salesforce, leaving your employees free to complete their regular tasks without adding to their workloads. And, because Salesforce consulting partners are dedicated to working with the platform full time, they can install and customize the platform efficiently and more easily than anyone else.

2. Your Staff Isn’t Jumping On Board

Salesforce can only work if your team uses it. People can be averse to change, which spells trouble for platform adoption. If you’re noticing that Salesforce usage is low in your office, it might be time to consider engaging a consulting partner.

A consulting partner can help develop adoption strategies that work for your employees. Whether it’s open discussions and polls, streamlining the platform to make it even easier to use, or enabling apps like Chatter for staff instant messaging — a consulting partner is your best source for engaging staff and getting them on board with using Salesforce.

3. Customers Could Be Happier

Customer satisfaction is crucial to customer retention. If you’re noticing drops in your customer satisfaction rankings, no matter how minimal, it’s worth talking to a consulting partner about how to use Salesforce to combat those changes.

Customer dissatisfaction can be identified and mitigated, but you have to act fast. A consulting partner can help you figure out how to improve your customer experience, and efficiently implement any customizations needed to help your sales, service, and delivery teams keep your customers happy.

4. You’re Not Maximizing Salesforce’s Potential

If you’re just using Salesforce to manage your sales or marketing, you’re missing out on a huge return on your investment. The platform is designed to provide a continuously evolving, 360-degree service that can turn your leads into loyal customers. New apps and features are added constantly, and a consulting partner is your best chance of staying on top of these improvements and harnessing them for your own operations.

A Salesforce consulting partner can provide value to your business over time by taking a holistic approach to implementing and managing your Salesforce instance.

At RelationEdge, we take a Process First. Technology Second.® approach to Salesforce implementation and consulting. This means we look at your business operations and goals first and foremost, helping you refine any processes as needed; then, we leverage Salesforce technology to help your team execute your process and meet those goals. If you’ve decided on Salesforce as your CRM platform, you’re right on track toward improved marketing, sales, and service for your clients. Maximize your investment by finding the right implementation partner