4 Ways Salesforce Admins Can Advocate for Salesforce Adoption

Using Salesforce to manage your customer and prospect data saves time and helps you stay organized, but, in order for Salesforce to really make a difference, you need to get everyone on board. Buy in from the whole company is key to using a CRM effectively. Change can be hard for people, but getting buy in from top to bottom is worth it in the long run. If you’re a Salesforce admin and you don’t have a commitment from everyone in your organization, it’s time to get to work. Here are some things you can do to improve Salesforce adoption in your company.

Figure Out Why People Aren’t Buying In

Are people averse to using Salesforce just because it’s something new, or do they find the way you have it set up to be confusing? There are lots of reasons why people in your organization may be blowing off your attempts to get them on board. In one Salesforce poll, administrators reported that the top reason employees have for avoiding adoption include not having the time for it, not seeing the value, and not knowing how to use it. These are all things you can address. Ask your colleagues about their reservations and then make a plan to tackle them. An in-person training or lunch-and-learn can convert people who are less than gung-ho on Salesforce because they don’t know how to use it, for instance.

Streamline the Salesforce Workflow

The easier Salesforce is to use, the more likely people are to buy in to its advantages. Streamline the features in a way that integrates your team’s most used programs, so that access to data is painless. Take advantage of Salesforce’s offering to customize your home page dashboard and the dashboards of your team members. Create simple drop-down menus and eliminate anything from the dashboard that your team won’t need. Your team should be able to access personalized reports for their individual roles and other vital data within a few seconds of logging in.

Turn on Chatter and Encourage Its Use

Chatter may also encourage faster adoption of Salesforce. Once turned on, Chatter lets team members collaborate within Salesforce, rather than having to use a different IM service. The Chatter feed tracking feature keeps employees up to date on things like new contacts and training opportunities. Chatter helps you consolidate discussions and keep it all in the same platform. It’s convenient and appealing.

Test Drive Your Strategy with a Small Team First

Before you try to win over everyone to Salesforce, beta test your killer dashboard and Chatter groups on a small group of people who are receptive to it. Not only can you work out any kinks before deploying training at scale, but your beta testers can become huge Salesforce advocates around the office. Having a handful of excited advocates on your side can make all the difference in how the rest of the team perceives using Salesforce.

Salesforce has a bounty of features, from killer visual reports on the dashboard to quality lead tracking and communication. But you won’t get anywhere if only a few people are buying in to the potential. Take advantage of the features and sell a small, influential team on Salesforce, and soon you’ll be able to go wide with the program to better manage your customer relationships.

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