5 Questions for DevCentral MVP Vijay Emarose

Rackspace Network Architect Koman “Vijay” Emarose was recently named a 2017 DevCentral MVP — an award presented to active participants in the F5 DevCentral community from around the globe who provide valuable expertise to their fellow community members.

DevCentral is an F5 site that brings members together to talk about the company’s different technologies and join forces to troubleshoot. Community members will often provide answers and solutions to problems being faced in the community as well as discuss new F5 offerings, contribute code and discuss new features.

I sat down with Vijay to discuss the award, what it means for him as a network architect and how Rackspace customers will benefit from leveraging his team’s expertise and experience.

Tell us how you became involved with BIG-IP F5 and the DevCentral.com community.

BIG-IP F5 is an application delivery controller technology that provides load balancing, security and performance functions within a customer’s network. I’ve been involved with setting up, maintaining and troubleshooting F5 platforms for Rackspace customers since 2010 and have been fortunate enough to work on platforms ranging from BIG-IP F5 1600 in the lower end to the high-end VIPRIONS.

I don’t see myself as an expert who knows everything in my field of expertise. However, I do enjoy sharing my experience and DevCentral is a great platform to share and learn from the community.

Vijay Emarose

What is a DevCentral MVP?

DevCentral.com is an online technical community for BIG-IP F5 users. The DevCentral community is widely supported by F5 engineers who share their technical expertise by answering questions raised in the community, share their code, provide configuration tips and share their knowledge on F5 platform and application delivery controller-related technologies.

Being selected as an MVP is a recognition of past contributions to the technical community. Besides the name recognition, F5 covers the hotel, airfare and conference registration costs for their annual F5 Agility Conference. This year,the conference will be held in Chicago and it will be my second time attending an F5 conference.

What is the relationship between F5 and Rackspace?

BIG-IP F5 is one of the dedicated application delivery controllers offered as part of Rackspace Fanatical Support to our customers. Rackspace helps you to optimize your network deployments so you can focus on your core business.

Various F5 platforms from the 1600s to the VIPRIONS are offered to customers requiring a dedicated application delivery controller based on their requirements. Local Traffic Manager Global Traffic Manager are widely supported. As an organization, Rackspace has deployed more than 6,000 application delivery controllers (including but not limited to F5) and currently has more than 45 F5 certified engineers.

What have you gained from being active in DevcCentral?

One of my strengths, as identified by the Gallup Organization’s Clifton Strengths Finder, is “learner.” Sharing my knowledge and experience enabled me to utilize my learner strength to refine my understanding of technical concepts.

Besides getting to know a lot of great engineers from around the world, my perspective when approaching a problem has been challenged and has evolved as I was exposed to answers provided by community members. I have learned a lot from other people’s experiences.

Why should an engineer actively engage in technical communities such as DevCentral?

This blog post by fellow Rackspace employee Major Hayden resonates with me. For a while, I stayed away from writing technical blogs or contributing to a technical community like DevCentral because I had self-doubt regarding my expertise, fear of stating something embarrassingly wrong or coming across as a noob.

Actively engaging in the DevCentral community has helped me overcome some of my doubts and I’ve recommended and encouraged my colleagues to be active in such technical communities as well.

I feel that because of my daily interactions with best practices, troubleshooting and architecture recommendations I’ve helped make Rackspace a stronger place to support F5 products and networking in general.

Thank you Vijay, and congratulations on being named a 2017 DevCentral MVP!

Visit Rackspace to find out more about our expertise with application delivery controllers such as BIG-IP F5, and ways we’re helping businesses use them to succeed.

Daniel Seydler is a strategic support manager within the strategic accounts segment at Rackspace, where he helps support some of the company's largest and most complex enterprise accounts. He is a 10 year Rackspace veteran with operations management and account management experience. He enjoys building partner relationships with customers and solving complex problems to achieve customer-desired outcomes.


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