5 Reasons to Migrate to SAP’s Next Gen ERP System, S/4HANA

It’s been more than two years since SAP released its next-generation ERP system, called S/4HANA. During this time, enterprises have learned what makes this upgrade so vital, including that S/4HANA allows for all core ERP capabilities to operate in one place with one underlying data store.

But this doesn’t even begin to encompass everything this upgrade offers. If you’re considering S/4HANA as an opportunity to rebuild your ERP landscape from the ground up or simply , here are the top five benefits your organization will reap:


S/4HANA brings unparalleled simplicity to the management and administration side, allowing for centralized resources. It simplifies IT and provides new productivity for businesses, reduces data volume, has higher throughput and greater flexibility. Much of this simplicity is being driven by SAP Fiori, SAP’s latest user interface. Its purpose is to drive home the intuitiveness of the user experience. It’s known for rapid response times and for its personalized design. Other simplifications are included in the data model and the fact that any field can be used as an index for selecting data.


This new ERP software suite makes no distinction between the database layer and the applications layer. Because of this, it allows for a much speedier processing performance. S/4HANA takes advantage of both the transaction and reporting speed already offered from SAP HANA. The reduction of cycle times needed to finish tasks now allows employees to focus on activities that will affect the business’ bottom line.

Ability to reinvent

S/4HANA allows for the reinvention of business models. Gartner recently forecast that 20.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide by 2020. Because of this rise, everything will be connected soon for companies, including processes and data. With S/4HANA, you’ll no longer have to shy away from opportunities that involve Internet of Things or big data. You can gain insight into any data, in real-time, which supports instant decision making and encompasses the true acceptance of digital transformation.

Competitive advantage

Enterprises have until at least 2025 to decide on their S/4HANA strategy. However, to implement S/4HANA as a competitive advantage, it’s ideal to start planning your migration strategy as soon as possible. It’s time to properly determine the value that S/4HANA can bring to your company – no more batch jobs, up-to-date user experiences or rapid innovation. Don’t get stuck at a competitive disadvantage when you don’t have to.


Beyond the key benefits outlined above, there’s also a cost savings argument. While it may be an expense at first, it’s really an investment that will pay dividends in the long run. Cost reductions come from both maintenance reductions, and the business benefits S/4HANA brings to the table – flexibility, scalability and productivity.

To get the most out of these benefits and establish maximum ROI, you must effectively have a roadmap in place.

That means you might also uncover a few roadblocks on your way to mapping out a successful migration strategy. Have you recently lost key staff members with sole knowledge of the SAP landscape? Do you have total cost of ownership goals that seem out of reach? Or do you simply want to ensure that your new technology investment will be maximized? These are all valid reasons for seeking additional support. Consider consulting services that have the knowledge, experience and methodology that can help you achieve your S/4HANA goals.

Unsure where to start? Request a tailored report to your existing SAP ERP system that’s free of charge.

Business Scenario Recommendations for SAP S/4HANA

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