5 (Satirical) Reasons NOT To Use Email Archiving

There are countless benefits to email archiving – less clutter, reduced costs, helpful reporting, comprehensive search – the list goes on and on. But maybe you’re a dare-devil and a rebel, and none of those things matter to you. If that’s the case, here are five (satirical) reasons why you should not use email archiving: 

1. You Don’t Care About Intellectual Property.  Secrets are meant to be shared, and information wants to be free.

2. You Love Playing Hide And Seek…with lost email that is.  Helping end-users locate or not locate critical lost email is your favorite use of IT resources.

3. You Have Money To Burn. Why reduce IT expenses? Why not continue to pay for dormant mailboxes?

4. Employees Never Leave. In fact, they never do anything wrong; they never accidentally delete files; and they have zero room for improvement.

5. You’re A Thrill Seeker! Playing it safe in business? Why play at all? Adrenaline junkies love the threat of burdensome litigation, lost email and inaccessible data. Caution is for cowards!

If this reminds you of yourself, then maybe you just don’t need email archiving. But if these examples made you laugh and then cringe (and we sincerely hope they did), you should consider adding affordable, accessible Rackspace email archiving to your hosted email. Find out more here.


  1. You seem to have e-mail backup and regular maintenance confused with archiving. Perhaps it’s a terminology issue, but the issues you bring up are rarely solved by what e-mail clients call “archiving”.


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