5 Steps for SMBs to Get Up and Running Quickly with Office 365

Moving your office to Microsoft Office 365 may feel like an overwhelming process, but it doesn’t have to be.

Rackspace is here to help you through the move and even set up many of the more complicated processes already programmed into the Rackspace control panel, available only to Rackspace users, to get you up and running in no time.

Here are five steps to get your small business up and running on Office 365:

Migrate and set up email

Before you can take advantage of Office 365 tools and features, you must set up employee email boxes and migrate email to Office 365. It’s important to consider mobile setup, the timing of the migration and how to keep existing integrations intact, such as with Salesforce. Rackspace uses its experience migrating 50,000 mailboxes each month to help your company work through these issues and minimize downtime.

Implement security features

Before you start working with Office 365, it’s essential to set up security. Office 365 has best-in-breed security features, which can reduce the need to purchase additional security tools and manage other vendors.

Because these features are numerous, SMBs often don’t know which ones to use or how to find specific settings. Here are two security settings often overlooked by small businesses:

  • Email encryption — This feature ensures that only the intended recipients will receive your emails. Because this feature requires the use of PowerShell code through the Microsoft control panel, Rackspace has the feature automated within the Rackspace control panel so it can be enabled easily with a single click.
  • Multi-factor authentication — In addition to increasing security by requiring that users provide at least two forms of identification, this setting provides security for mobile devices. During onboarding, Rackspace support can help you set up the feature through the Microsoft control panel.

Get the most out of Office 365 tools

With 19 different tools and products in Office 365, many small businesses are not aware that features included in their Office 365 suite can replace other, disparate products from other vendors. As you’re exploring the tools in Office 365, Rackspace specialists can help with any questions about how to use them. Here are three tools that many small businesses do not use to the fullest potential (or at all):

      • Bookings — This tool, which launched in 2016, is especially useful to small businesses that set up customer appointments on a daily basis, and it can replace other scheduling tools you may be paying extra for. Bookings helps you set up appointments and puts the appointments on the master calendar as well as the employee’s calendar.
      • Teams — This tool provides a place for collaboration by combining email, chat and teleconferencing. Small businesses currently using Slack can save money and hassle by switching to Teams.
      • Skype – If your business uses WebEx for video calls, you can eliminate this expense by using Skype. It’s easy to think of Skype as an app for instant messaging or personal communication, but it’s actually a powerful HD video conferencing program used by many businesses.

Set up OneDrive

In today’s mobile world, your customers expect responses and results to happen quickly. To provide excellent service, your employees need to be able to share files for collaboration from wherever they are working. With multi-factor authentication, OneDrive provides a secure location for sharing and storing files.

To save even more time, the cloud-storage tool integrates with Exchange, Outlook and OneNote. OneDrive provides a higher level of security than other consumer-grade file-sharing tools and allows you to eliminate one more third-party tool from your company’s processes. If you have any questions about setting up OneDrive, Rackspace is only a phone call away to help with setup and getting to know the product.

Depend on Rackspace’s Fanatical Support

Most people think of calling support when something is broken, but Rackspace is available 24x7x365 — not just for problems, but also to answer questions about how to use a product or get the most out of it.

Because each of our Microsoft Certified Professionals is empowered to make decisions for customers right on the spot, you won’t be passed around to multiple people — or worse, hear the dreaded “Wow, I’ve never seen that before” — while on the phone with Rackspace. With over 10 years of experience helping more than four million users, we’ve helped many small businesses just like yours, and sometimes we even know your questions before you ask.

Brooke Jackson is a product marketing manager for Rackspace Private Cloud solutions, including Microsoft Azure Stack, Hyper-V and Pivotal Cloud Foundry. She has been a Racker since 2009 and has more than 15 years of experience in product management and marketing. Brooke earned her BS and MBA from Virginia Tech, and lives in Blacksburg, VA with her family. You can find Brooke on LinkedIn.


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