5 Ways to Consume OpenStack as a Service

As I described in my earlier post, “Why DIY OpenStack Deployments Fail (and What Can Be Done About It),” I have seen too many organizations that have tried a DIY approach to OpenStack fail.  

As a Rackspace sales specialist, it’s not uncommon for me to see a company buy and test a distribution like Mirantis or Canonical, or attempt to deploy their own version of OpenStack. Then they have difficulty scaling it, or a hard time upgrading it, or for some other reason it’s on life support — and that’s when they call one of us.  

We’re glad they do. Because by delivering OpenStack as a service, we’re able to help organizations unlock all the ROI of mature, enterprise-ready, tested and validated OpenStack — without any of the downsides.  

We also understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer five different OpenStack cloud models, which companies can choose based on their capabilities, needs and goals. 

 Operations only   

Rackspace will configure the right architecture to meet your technical and business requirements, deploy OpenStack onto your hardware, then remotely operate your OpenStack cloud up to the virtual machine layer (i.e. responsible for monitoring, patching, upgrades, incident management, etc.). In this model, the customer is responsible for managing the datacenter and infrastructure. 

Rackspace hosted 

Rackspace delivers OpenStack as-a-service, managing the entire cloud environment up to the virtual machine layer (i.e. data center, hardware, networking and operating system and OpenStack cloud services). With this approach, you get the benefits of handling your application ecosystem, while we deliver your infrastructure as a service. 

Customer hosted  

In this model, the customer is responsible for the data center, Rackspace is responsible for everything else up to the virtual machine layer. We configure the right architecture to meet your needs, we purchase the hardware, preconfigure it, roll the racks into your data center, install them and manage your cloud (i.e. hardware, networking, operating system, OpenStack cloud services).  

Build  Operate  Transfer 

The first three options include ongoing cloud operations and management. But some of the largest enterprises do want to operate their own private cloud environment. These organizations came to us with the specific goal of operating their own private cloud, but needed our help to get there. And we’ve successfully helped these customers do exactly that.

We design and build a scalable, production-ready OpenStack private cloud(s). We operate the cloud, providing 24x7x365 cloud operations for an agreed upon period of time, and then we transfer cloud operations to the customer after providing extensive training and working side-by-side with their team. 

Pay-per-use infrastructure 

In our latest innovation, we’ve partnered with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to deliver an industry first — OpenStack Private Cloud with pay per use infrastructure, delivered as a managed service. With this solution, enterprises receive the benefits of a public cloud — cloud-like utility pricing, elastic infrastructure and simplified IT — in a private cloud environment located in their datacenter, a colocation facility or a datacenter managed by Rackspace.  

According to IDC, “Pay-as-you-go consumption models will account for 50 percent of on-premises and off-premises Physical IT and datacenter asset spending by 2018.” 

Why Rackspace

In short, we have a model for any organization, of any size, with any need. And no matter the model you choose, we walk you through a comprehensive, well defined experience that’s clear-cut, signposted and easy to understand, so internal communications remain clear and executives stay in tune, each step of the way. 

That’s because Rackspace pioneered the “as a service” consumption model for OpenStack, and we’ve been delivering our 99.99 percent OpenStack API uptime guarantee for years. Unlike any other vendor in the marketplace, our years of OpenStack expertise translates into uniquely successful outcomes for organizations of all sizes — and that’s a big reason our NPS scores are so exceptional. 

To learn more and find out whether OpenStack private cloud as a managed service or our build-operate-transfer model might be a good fit for your organization, take advantage of a free strategy session with a private cloud expert — no strings attached. SIGN UP NOW. 

Jessica Orozco is a Private Cloud Solution Specialist for Private Cloud Solutions at Rackspace, and the host of the OpenStack Los Angeles meetup. She has more than 10 years of experience in strategic sales, connecting technology solutions to business results. Jessica earned a BA from Chaminade University in Hawaii and lives in Santa Monica with her husband. She has a passion for travel and has visited more than 55 countries so far.