500 Startups Demo Day: Events, Karaoke & the Rackspace Startup Program

The most important day of an up-and-coming startup is Demo Day.  What does that mean?  It means product readiness, business development, and oh yeah, the opportunity to pitch in front of the press and investors.  The Rackspace Startup Program had a chance to witness how they do just that at 500 Startups in Mountain View, CA.  This is the second “Graduating” presented by this unique seed fund accelerator.

Dave McClure, 500 Startups founder, emceed the event with music and a little humor, all to showcase just what the startups had been working on this summer.   On tap were 20 incubator companies (11 more were added, totaling 31) with diverse specialties from karaoke to security to HR.

All of the hard work, summed up in a 4-minute pitch, doesn’t begin to describe the commitment those 12 weeks of intense development and mentorship garnered each company.  As Rackspace was there to engage and capture all of the excitement, the amazing part of all of this is the motivation and energy that each of the startups truly demo-ed along the way.

And who comprises the startups and what makes them tick?  You have recent college graduates, serial entrepreneurs, and corporate defectors pulling it all together on behalf of entrepreneurial spirit and the personal belief that each company will be wildly successful.

It takes a lot to follow that entrepreneurial spirit and the Rackspace Startup Program is here to help each company rocket to success.  We are both excited and lucky to be a part of the community on which our roots are based.  When you have a moment, take a look at some of the participants powered by that Rackspace rocket fuel.

Console.fm (formerly helloworld.im)

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