5in15 Webinar: How Can We Help SaaS Providers Serve the U.S. Government

Government agencies need reliability and flexibility to meet the stringent security standards under which they operate. In this 5in15 Webinar, Dan Tudahl, President and General Manager, Datapipe Government Solutions, discusses how Datapipe can help Software as a Service Providers (SaaS) meet the unique needs of the U.S. Government. For more than 15 years, Datapipe Government Solutions has helped government IT teams – and the companies that support them – deploy and manage highly secure cloud, dedicated, and hybrid infrastructure.

Independent software vendors with SaaS offerings are struggling to understand and meet the unique requirements to support U.S. Federal Agencies. This short webinar breaks down the challenges of offering cloud solutions to government agencies, solutions offered by Datapipe, and the value such services can provide to SaaS Providers.


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