A Better Option for Your Non-Cloud-Native Workloads

Bare Metal as a Service offers the benefits of cloud — API integration, on-demand provisioning and pay-as-you-go pricing — for legacy apps too expensive to refactor for public cloud.

More options than ever exist to accelerate digital transformation efforts, yet hurdles like migrating legacy apps remain.

That’s one of our key takeaways from Dell Technologies World 2018 last week in Las Vegas. It was a jam-packed week for Rackspace experts who deliver IT as a Service to our customers using Dell, EMC and VMware platforms.

For those who were unable to attend, read on for more of our experts’ takeaways; you’ll almost certainly recognize some of the opportunities and challenges around digital transformation and IT modernization. The good news is, there are more ways to take advantage of those opportunities, and solve those challenges, than ever before.

More options than ever

We were blown away this year by the sheer variety of options organizations now have as they consider digital transformation. For those seeking to stay on-premises, we saw an increased number of hyper-converged infrastructure technologies aimed at driving data center efficiency. We also saw a fusion of technologies aimed at integrating common software and hardware platforms with public cloud, making it easier to create hybrid rather than public vs. private environments. And we expect to continue to see an increasing number of hybrid products, based on the buzz surrounding VMware Cloud on AWS.

We heard a common theme this year at Dell Technologies World: the driving force behind digital transformation is the need to innovate faster to stay ahead of market disruption.

Once a company has decided to change its IT business model, finding the right platform is often the next step. And what we heard from the IT professionals was that identifying the technology platform was the easy part. (Rackspace recommends letting the requirements for each individual application drive the cloud selection process).

Migrations are still tough

We heard it all day, every day at the conference, and frankly, we hear it every day at Rackspace, too: migration still takes the fun out of moving to the cloud. Once IT has chosen a platform (or combination of platforms), they then find themselves in a migration hole, as many applications they need to move off-premises are non-cloud-native — i.e. they weren’t designed for the cloud, and so will require some level of rewrite or refactoring before they can be moved.

And that means, in addition to the resources IT has allocated to running the business, more time, money and expertise are necessary to get those non-cloud applications ready run in the cloud. The bad news is, very few IT organizations have the resources to both run and change the business at the same time.

A better way

Understanding how big a roadblock workload migration can be to digital transformation makes us even more excited about Rackspace Bare Metal as a Service.

Bare Metal as a Service solves one of the most common, yet complex, cloud transformation challenges by making it easier to migrate non-cloud applications unchanged out of the data center, eliminating the need for significant application refactoring. To further simplify migration of non-cloud workloads, access to physical and virtual firewalls, load balancers, additional storage and advanced networking capabilities is also available from the same hardware vendors customers use on-premises, including Cisco, F5 and NetApp.

As an example, let’s say you have retail application servers running in your own data center, but the plan is to decommission that data center, and only use those app servers during the holiday season. It probably doesn’t make sense to enter into a manage hosting contract, since that capacity will sit idle while you don’t need it. But nor do you have the resources to move to public cloud servers.

With an API you could provision Rackspace Bare Metal as a Service servers behind a physical firewall for added data protection. In just a few minutes, your environment would be ready to install your operating system and retail application and begin sending traffic to those servers. Then, when the holiday season has passed and traffic has leveled off, you can spin those servers down. Since Rackspace BMaaS is based on a utility pricing model you only pay for the hours you actually consumed the infrastructure and given 10G is provided by default you have no concerns about additional networking expense.

Bare Metal as a Service offers increased flexibility in the management of non-cloud workloads without sacrificing the performance and reliability of dedicated infrastructure — which ultimately means revenue — and that’s the true bottom line.

Interested in participating in our BMaaS early access program?

At Dell Technologies World we invited businesses to participate in our Bare Metal as a Service early access program. Now that the show has wrapped up, we’d like to extend that invitation to you.

Becky Trevino served as a Senior Director of Product Marketing at Rackspace where she worked with customers to dispel the myth that there is a “one-size-fits-all” journey into the cloud. In that role, Becky led the marketing efforts for Managed Hosting and Hybrid Cloud business. Becky’s experience at Rackspace includes roles in marketing as well as in technical customer service for our Openstack Public Cloud Fanatical Support team. Prior to Rackspace, Becky worked at Dell EMC as an Operations Engineer and Product Marketer. Becky earned a BS and an MS in Engineering from The University of Michigan and has an MBA from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management. You can follow Becky on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/btrevino and Twitter @rebecca_trevino.