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A Closer Look At OpenStack Operations Guide [Video]

At OpenStack Summit Portland, the team that authored OpenStack Operations Guide during a five-day book sprint earlier this year held a panel discussion to answer questions and receive feedback from the community.

The book is gaining traction – it’s marching up the popularity list and is in the top four of all things downloaded from

According to the team of authors, the input from the community and from users was valuable and will help guide its future efforts. The next step is to build a community around the book and enable community members to include their experiences.

In this video (shot and edited by Rackspace Videographer Jacob Forbis) the team discusses OpenStack Operations Guide in more detail.

About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Andrew Hickey.

Andrew Hickey formerly edited the Rackspace blog. When not writing, Andrew enjoys spending time with his wife and his dog, and spinning punk rock vinyl.

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