A Day In The Life: Managed Cloud [Video]

Rackspace today launched managed cloud – a return to our Fanatical Support roots. With two enhanced service levels for public cloud customers; a restructured pricing model; a developer+ program; and new Support SLAs, managed cloud provides our customers managed services and Fanatical Support to enable them to focus on their core business.

In the video above, Rackspace Chairman, Co-Founder and CEO Graham Weston discusses managed cloud. Rackspace video storyteller Dave Sims shot and edited the video in a single day (Monday, July 14) as part of his “A Day in the Life” video series.

For more on managed cloud, hear from Rackspace President Taylor Rhodes about how managed cloud helps your business stay fast and lean and watch a video featuring Taylor and our customers. And check out how managed cloud helped Rackspace customer DigitalFilm Tree through its busiest time of year – pilot season.

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