A Day In The Life Of A Rackspace Cloud Specialist

The cloud can be hard. Putting together an environment that is the best-fit for your specific application or workloads doesn’t happen with the flick of a switch. At Rackspace, one of the key components of our focus on service and Fanatical Support is to help guide you through the best solutions for your specific environment. To do this, we have a team of Rackspace Cloud Specialists at the ready.

Cloud Specialists help you understand our cloud products and how they work together, while also offering best practices in the cloud. Cloud Specialists are brought in for tiered cloud architecture recommendations or if you have specific technical questions about our public cloud.

For example, I was brought into a call recently with a client who wanted to know, “Beyond the included software firewall with the Linux operating system, how else can I increase my security posture in the cloud?” The client went on to ask, “Why is my database better suited for Performance Two Cloud Servers as opposed to Performance One Cloud Servers?” After discussing more of the Rackspace portfolio they then asked, “How can I backup my Rackspace Cloud Database?” The client also wanted to discuss the option of hosting his database on a Dedicated sServer while hosting his web application on Public Cloud Servers and leveraging RackConnect as the bridge between them. My personal specialization lies in the cloud only and not dedicated hosting, so I conferenced in a Rackspace Solution Engineer to continue the discussion and help architect the proper solution. Before we ended the call, we decided on an all-cloud architecture and I offered to transfer the client to one of the Rackspace Cloud Launch Managers. The Cloud Launch team helps on-board new cloud clients for the first 60 days of their Rackspace Cloud experience. Finally, I emailed a follow up to the client about the Rackspace Marketplace partners that can help create a full end-to-end solution.

At Rackspace, we’re a trusted partner as much as we are a service provider. We are dedicated to supporting you even before you become a customer. Rackspace have a vast ecosystem of resources to help prospective clients navigate all of the Rackspace product portfolio and services to offer an end-to-end solution.

Cloud Specialists are happy to jump on a call and help answer any questions about our public cloud.

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