A Day In The Life: RackerPalooza [Video]

Filed in Racker Culture by Leezia Dhalla | September 18, 2013 3:18 pm

If there’s one thing all Rackers agree on, it’s that no two days at the office are alike when you work at Rackspace.

We know that technology is a fast-changing industry. As a company, we work hard to stay on top of these trends so we can provide our customers with the latest tech solutions. One way to drive these conversations is to create opportunities for Rackers to mingle with industry experts.

On Tuesday, we plugged in to our powerful ecosystem of partners at the first-ever PartnerPalooza[1], a full day of networking and discussions on cloud products held at our headquarters in San Antonio. We had an incredible turnout—hundreds of Rackers showed up. Some came early for the cake pops and gift card giveaways, but all stayed to network with 39 of our strongest technology partners (to name a few: Mailgun, Hortonworks and Veracode).

Not to worry if you missed out on the action. Check out this clip by our producer and video storyteller extraordinaire Dave Sims, who filmed, produced and edited “A Day In The Life of Rackspace: RackerPalooza” in just a single day.


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