A Good Cause Gets an Army of Promoters


At Rackspace, we use the Net Promoter Score to gauge customer loyalty. If you’re a customer, you’ve probably received our survey asking, “How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a company or friend?” Based on a scale of 0-10, customers can be Promoters (9-10), Passives (7-8), or Detractors (0-6). Our goal is to make our customers promoters – and with this army of promoters, we can count on their loyalty to continue refer others and help fuel our growth.

How effective is an army of promoters?

We put that question to the test this week by asking all Rackspace Foundation* donors to join us in a 24-hour challenge – help us raise $50,000 for National Philanthropy Day by recruiting new donors for our Foundation. It was a bold goal that relied solely on Rackers to be promoters and to refer others to contribute to a great cause. The challenge was simple – each donor was asked to recruit at least one new person to donate to the Foundation through payroll deductions or through a one-time donation. Rackspace Chairman, Graham Weston, generously offered to match the annualized rate of all new donors and to match the existing donor.

In this 24-hour period, Rackspace Foundation Promoters raised a total of $42,640.00. With Graham’s match, that number comes to a total of $85,280! We didn’t just hit our goal; we blew it out of the water! It was truly inspiring to see how Rackers rallied together to hit our target, but more importantly, it was amazing to see the power of promoters. By relying on those who believe in the cause, we were able to raise more money than we’ve ever raised in a single day, plus put the Rackspace Foundation on the path to sustainability.

We were thrilled to see the incredible results of this experiment – the power of promoters is real, and in our case, it had the power to affect the lives of students, teachers, administrators, and families in our community. It’s a great feeling to work alongside other Rackers with such big hearts and passion to give back. On a scale of 0-10, I’m a 10 for the Rackspace Foundation.

Watch this short video to see The Rackspace Foundation in action.


*About The Rackspace Foundation: 
In 2008, Rackspace moved to the abandoned Windsor Park Mall and called it our new home. As a good neighbor, Rackspace and NEISD came together to create a “Roosevelt Compact” – pledging to build educational achievement at Roosevelt High School and six of its feeder schools – 2 middles schools and one elementary school (we call them the Magnficent 7). This Compact is supported by the Rackspace Foundation (a 501 (c)(3) organization). By funding various nonprofit programs at the schools, Rackspace hopes to uplift the schools and with time, uplift our neighborhood. The non-profits include Youth Orchestras of San Antonio, CityYear, Communities in Schools, Gemini Ink (creative writing), Say Si (art), Family Chess Night at the Roosevelt library, Windcrest Literacy Academy, Good Samaritan community Centers (afterschool programs).

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