A Look Inside The Open Compute Lab At UTSA [Video]

It feels like yesterday that Frank Frankovsky, vice president of Hardware Design at Facebook and chairman of the Open Compute Project (OCP), sent me a Facebook message  – how fitting – about a budding open hardware project that he was working on. At Rackspace, we immediately jumped at the chance to be among the first companies to join the community, as we believed Open Compute was poised to flip the hardware model much like we did with cloud software when we founded OpenStack.

And last week, Open Compute came even closer to home with the unveiling of the Open Compute Certification and Solution Laboratory at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). The lab, which was officially unveiled at the Open Compute Summit last week, was built to test, certify and guarantee that Open Compute hardware will work in production environments. It will be a major step forward in the adoption of open source hardware and will create exciting new opportunities for collaboration.

It’s an incredible honor that the Open Compute Lab is making its home in San Antonio. It’s an illustration that there’s a massive push toward openness in hardware, software and philosophy; and it’s exciting that it’s happening in our back yard. It’s the only OCP certification lab in the United States and one of only two in the world.  The Open Compute Project and the lab are proof that an open, collaborative forum fuels innovation and that none of us are as smart alone as all of us are together. We’re all on a mission to build better, faster and more innovative technology, and the Open Compute Lab will provide a trusted environment in which to do it. Ultimately, it’s about trusting that this open hardware and its components will work in production, and until you bring them together, put them in a rack and run them at production levels with performance workloads, you won’t know for sure. This lab makes that a reality.

For an inside look at the Open Compute Certification and Solution Laboratory at UTSA, check out this video from AMD:

To learn more about the Open Compute Certification and Solution Laboratory at UTSA, click here.