A Massive Day For The Rackspace Cloud, OpenStack

SAN FRANCISCO — As you might have heard, Rackspace made a major announcement today: We rolled out an array of new and enhanced products built on our next generation Rackspace Cloud and that leverage the open source cloud operating system OpenStack.

The Rackspace Cloud now offers a broad portfolio of cloud products and services, including Cloud Databases, Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Block Storage, Cloud Networks, a new Control Panel and next generation Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack, all backed by Fanatical Support.  It also sets the stage for the era of open clouds.

We’ll have full video from this morning’s launch event soon, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek and some first impressions from industry leaders about what these innovations mean for Rackspace customers, partners, the market and anyone interested the future of the open cloud.

Rackspace’s Robert Scoble emceed a panel of cloud all-stars including Rackspace CEO Lanham Napier and President Lew Moorman; SOASTA CEO Tom Lounibos; and Nicira Co-Founder and CTO Martin Casado. Rackspace Vice President of Product Mark Interrante ran demos of each new product, showcasing the power of the new production-ready cloud architecture when he created hundreds of new Cloud Servers in the span of just a few minutes. From there, Interrante used the slick and speedy new control panel to add servers and load balancers with a click. (It was awesome.)

We spoke with Tom at SOASTA about what the Rackspace Cloud means for his company, which has been spinning up tons of Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack to load test for events like the 2012 London Olympics:

In talking with Dave Murphy, SOASTA’s senior vice president of delivery, we learned that he’s a cloud API fiend — he works with 17 different APIs, sometimes using the APIs from four or five vendors at once. Here he talks about how the new Rackspace Cloud Servers API stacks up:

Vyatta is building software-based networking for cloud infrastructure. Scott Sneddon, Vyatta’s director of cloud solutions, told us what OpenStack and Cloud Servers mean to them:

The OpenStack Design Summit & Conference takes place this week here in San Francisco, and Rackspace’s event this morning kicked off the week in a big way.  We’re excited to share these powerful products with our customers and partners, and to continue building the OpenStack community. The open cloud is here, now.


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