A New President For Rackspace

One of the best parts of my job as CEO is when I get to promote a deserving leader. It’s a chance for us to say to the world: here’s the kind of leader that we admire and reward with bigger challenges. Here is a great example of the performance and behavior and character that we value. For all these reasons, I’m pleased to announce the appointment of Taylor Rhodes as President of Rackspace.

I could not imagine a better person to take on this role. During his six-plus years at the Rack, Taylor has excelled at every tough assignment that we’ve thrown his way. He has helped us achieve higher levels of engagement with our customers and Rackers, and re-invent Fanatical Support for the hybrid cloud.

A proven operational leader, Taylor has led his teams to achieve impressive results through a wide variety of assignments at Rackspace, in the U.S. and abroad. He has generated strong growth in every area of the business that he has led — including 30 percent growth in international revenue during his stint leading our operations in Europe, Asia and Australia. A former U.S. Marine Corps officer, he has been a source of inspiration to Rackers across the company and the continents.

Taylor has played an integral role in evolving Fanatical Support for the benefit of customers worldwide. This, in turn, has enabled Rackspace to advance our position as the service leader in the industry. We know that his relationships with customers and deep understanding of the market and where it’s headed will be invaluable as he steps into his new role as President.

As we head into 2014, our leadership team is excited and energized by our strategy and financial plan, which Taylor had a big part in crafting. We’ll share much of these plans with the world at our next earnings call in February. In the meantime, all of us will be in full execution mode, delivering Fanatical Support for the best-fit hybrid clouds for our customers.

By doing what we do best, I am confident that we will further differentiate our business from that of the commodity giants. While they deliver economies of scale, we will deliver economies of expertise. Our highly trained specialists will help each of our customers find the best fit for their unique IT needs on our hybrid cloud. We will give them expert advice on their architecture and applications, from MongoDB to SharePoint. We will win as we always have — one customer at a time.

With Taylor as our President, we’re off to a great start toward an exciting and successful 2014.

Lanham Napier is CEO of Rackspace

Lanham Napier was the CEO of Rackspace from 2006 to February 2014, and now serves as a consultant to the company's leaders. As CEO, he avidly promoted the workplace culture that drives the company’s famed Fanatical Support®. This passion for empowering customers has made Rackspace the acknowledged leader of the open cloud.



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