A Practical Guide To Getting Started With DR-To-The-Cloud

Some IT initiatives, such as disaster recovery, are natural fits for cloud computing. Yet it can be challenging to know exactly where to begin when it comes to configuring self-managed recovery plans and replicating virtual machines (VMs) from on-premises to a cloud service provider.

Our extensive managed virtualization experience has given us insight into the technology components, as well as the specific configurations and integrations required to successfully implement self-managed DR-to-the-Cloud using a Rackspace data center as a target site. We’re excited to now share the details of our validated architecture, based on technologies from VMware® and EMC®, plus the Rackspace Dedicated VMware® vCenter Server™ offering.

In our DR-to-the-Cloud best practices white paper, we unveil a model of business continuance where complete restoration of business operations is made possible by (1.) replicating the enterprise private cloud application environment and (2.) replicating the data hosted by the applications running in that private cloud.

In a traditional backup model, enterprises must restore data to the original, running application environment because disaster prevents the data center from returning to normal operations. In contrast, our validated DR-to-the-Cloud solution enables the replicated data to be brought up at the service provider target site. There, replicated data temporarily runs on a replicated application environment to help ensure continuity of business operations until service at the original source site can be restored.

View our SlideShare presentation to get more technical details—from network and storage requirements to identifying protection groups to documenting and testing recovery plans. We even share a breakdown of which roles are responsible for what tasks to ensure successful recovery.

As one of the largest VMware Service Provider Program partners with expert VMware Certified Professionals and experience that comes with managing over 45,000 VMs, we know that DR-to-the-Cloud minimizes downtime without requiring IT to give up control.

Download our DR-to-the-Cloud best practices white paper to find out exactly how.

Luke Huckaba is a 2015 vExpert, Virtualization Architect and specializes in VMware products and works heavily in the Site Recovery Manager (SRM) product. He is a VMware Certified Professional (VCP), writes custom automation PowerShell/PowerCLI scripts, was the first user presenter at the San Antonio VMware User Group (VMUG) and now the SATXVMUG lead. Before finding his way home to Rackspace, Luke was an Infrastructure Architecture Engineer focusing on a robust disaster recovery solution and resilient VMware infrastructures. Luke has also collaborated with other VMware users around the globe to help build solutions in others’ environments.


  1. Thank you for your contribution in spreading the word on Data recovery. What i liked most is the need to have a replica of the data on the cloud just like the 3 2 1 rule in Backing up of data requires


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