A Quick Walkthrough Of The Rackspace Managed Virtualization Customer Portal

Filed in Product & Development by Rackspace Blogger | August 30, 2012 5:30 pm

If you are a Managed Virtualization (Private Cloud) customer you need to be aware of the virtualization-specific monitoring capabilities found within the customer portal. Knowing the current and historical resource utilization levels of your hypervisors, clusters and virtual machines can assist you with making procurement decisions that involve this infrastructure. The knowledge gleaned from this tool might point out that you have extra capacity available that can be used for internal projects, pilots or other applications that can be virtualized. Have a look at these four short videos to learn more and potentially leverage your configuration for the best possible ROI.

A Quick Overview of the Rackspace Managed Virtualization Portal
This video offers a basic overview of how to access the Managed Virtualization Console along with a quick look at the features.

How To Order a New VM from the Rackspace Managed Virtualization Portal
This video is a walkthrough of how to order a new VM from the Managed Virtualization Console. Topics include placement, how to check for availability, how to name a VM and more.

Reviewing Performance Stats in a Rackspace Managed Virtualization Portal
This video discusses how to review the performance statistics for your hypervisor, cluster and VM, and how to resize your VM via the MyRackspace Portal.

Reviewing Options and Tabs in a Rackspace Managed Virtualization Portal
This video reviews all options and tabs that are available for hypervisors and virtual machines.

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