A Racker’s Perspective On The SharePoint Conference Keynote

This is a huge, exciting week for the SharePoint community. We have all joined together and gathered as one group in the heart of Sin City — Las Vegas — for the 2012 SharePoint Conference. Imagine 10,000 SharePoint enthusiasts all together in one place. The excitement has been high and the social media has been buzzing, especially as we started to trend in the No. 1 position during the keynote presentation. During the presentation, where Microsoft executives discussed a host of new features in SharePoint 2013, there were two key components that really jumped out to me:

Can You Afford to Not Consider the Cloud?

The first theme that was evident in a large way was the focus on the journey to the cloud and the importance of spending your resources in ways that impact the environment the most! The point that was really expressed was: can you really afford to not look into option for hosting? If you could work with partners who are experts in infrastructure and environment then you could realign your focus, efforts and energy to the business. At Rackspace, we fully support this path. Why not rely on us for things that could easily free you up to focus more on the business and really be able to spend the time applying your efforts to bringing technical solutions to the organization? Regardless of what you are doing now for SharePoint, the latest release – SharePoint 2013 — is really the time to evaluate your options and look at things differently. It’s easy to ask the questions and seek out more information; so by all means, build a plan to explore your options and use this new release as a jumping point for the conversation.

Empowerment + Enablement = Forward Movement

The second theme that really resonated throughout the keynote was the idea that it’s all about the user and delivering natural, easy and fluid solutions to enable them to more simply do what they already do, and do it better. This is very evident in this release as you look at all the small things that have been added to the environment. Everything from automatically rolling up all of my tasks in the environment to my personal My Site, to being able to easily drag and drop documents into a SharePoint document library. Or the ability to see previews of my documents when I search to make sure that I can confirm what content is relevant before having to take the time to open the document. It is all of these small things that remove the barriers to a high level of user adoption and empowerment. When it becomes so easy and natural to do things within SharePoint users will start to use them freely and drive the direction of the solutions within your environment.

See What the Fuss is All About

At the end of the day, though, it is all about seeing it and really experiencing it for yourself. So, to help make that process a little easier, Rackspace is offering you the ability to create a test site and take it for a drive yourself! Getting signed up is easy! Just head to this link and look for the button that allows you to sign up for the trial, enter a few pieces of information and then take it for a spin!

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  1. Great write up.

    I wondered if you or Tom Resing might cover user and data security with SP2013 in the cloud and how RackSpace will help?

    Are there security concerns with running SP in the cloud?



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