A SXSW Interactive Recap From Rackspace Specialists

We had dozens of Rackspace specialists on the scene at SXSW in Austin last week. Throughout the festival we had a full schedule of events, sessions and talks. We also had Rackers covering the latest and greatest tech news and insights throughout the show.

Here’s what we covered before, during and after SXSW 2014.

The Slash Factor: The Secret Sauce To A Hackathon That Rocks (By Vyjayanthi Vadrevu)
Held during SXSW, the Slashathon hackathon was like none other – developers had just a half-day to assemble teams, dream up an idea focusing on musical artists and develop a prototype using myriad sponsored technologies available. Then, they had to present it to a panel of judges including rock star and guitar hall-of-famer Slash. 

Women In Tech Initiatives Take Spotlight At SXSW (By Leezia Dhalla)
In recent years, the days before, during and after SXSW have become a playground for announcing new products, from Foursquare in 2009 to Flavors.me in 2010 and TOMS sunglasses in 2011. This year, the spotlight was trained on initiatives and programs designed to help more women build careers in technical and management positions.

SXSW: Encouraging Girls To Pursue Careers In Tech (By Garrett Heath)
In less than a month I will become a father. At SXSW this year, I had two particular panels circled in my schedule—Hacking Princess Culture: Girls, Games & Science and Leaning Out: How Online Dads Raise Kids Offline.

Blastro Networks Powers SXSW Domelandia Broadcast With The Rackspace Cloud (By John McKenna)
Transmission II: Domelandia, an exclusive SXSW party, was streamed live online by Rackspace customer Blastro Networks and the Rackspace Cloud powered the broadcast.

Rackspace Deploys Teams Of Specialists At SXSW 2014 (By John McKenna)
With the launch of Rackspace Digital last week at the W Hotel, we introduced our team of digital specialists laser focused on content, commerce and mobile. Throughout the week, as more of SXSW 2014 came alive, Rackspace deployed additional teams of specialists on the ground to engage with event goers at festival venues inside the Austin city limits.

Big Data At SXSW: The API Is The New Hot ‘App’ (By Garrett Heath)
After attending SXSW Interactive for the past two years, I’ve noticed the industry seems to be shifting away from the Age of the Apps to the Dawn of Data. Rather than focusing on that next killer application, it appears that more people are trying to tap into the data that is being gathered to create the next big thing—and companies are actively encouraging developers to do so.

Benefits Of A Collaborative Scene, Or How To Avoid Vampires: Austin Kleon’s SXSW Keynote (By Garrett Heath)
Austin-based writer and artist Austin Kleon kicked off SXSW Interactive with his panel called “Show Your Work,” based on his latest book by the same title. Kleon argued that showcasing the creative process holds as much benefit for the creator as the end result. By showing your work, you are not operating in isolation, but becoming part of a scene. This community is where ideas are exchanged and valuable networks are made.

Japanese Entrepreneurship Shines At SXSW (By Leezia Dhalla)
At SXSW, several Tokyo-based companies gave demonstrations and samples of their latest projects. Here’s a look of the some of the coolest innovations, straight from the heart of Japan.

SXSW Startup Village Comes Alive (By Larry Meyer)
In the Startup Village at SXSW we set up a studio to interview startups. One of the first to drop by was Felt, an iPad app that takes the pain out of buying and sending greeting cards.

Rackspace Digital A Hit With Partners At SXSW (By John McKenna)
At SXSW, Rackspace officially launched Rackspace Digital, a new practice built around our expertise in content, commerce and mobile. Here, we talk to partners about Rackspace Digital.

Clubbing The Patent Trolls And Fighting Back At SXSW (By Leezia Dhalla)
We took the patent trolls conversation to SXSW, where Rackspace Special Counsel Alan Schoenbaum joined an all-star lineup of panelists to discuss how we can protect ourselves from the tsunami of patent lawsuits.

SXSW Day 1: Gary Vaynerchuk Tells You How To ‘Crush’ SXSW (By Leezia Dhalla)
Author, angel investor and brand strategist Gary Vaynerchuk kicked off day one of SXSW Interactive with a blueprint on how to navigate the madness of sensory overload that is SXSW.

Kicking Off SXSW With A Crawl (By Scott Sanchez)
SXSW started off with a crawl – the Startup Crawl, that is – but soon it will be in full swing.

Introducing HelpSocial: A Social App For Supporting Customers (By Matt Wilbanks)
At SXSW, Rackers introduced HelpSocial, a new social app for serving and supporting customers. HelpSocial is a new company separate from Rackspace, but born from the same Fanatical Support values and driven by our proven belief that the best business strategies are rooted in customer service.

StartupBus Finals Celebrate Innovation, Creativity [Video] (By Leezia Dhalla)
The StartupBus finals were held at Rackspace. More than 30 startups – formed in 72 hours on a cross-country bus trip – competed. Check out which startup won.

StartupBus Revs Into Rackspace On Way To SXSW; Finalists Chosen [Video] (By Andrew Hickey)
StartupBus revved to Rackspace headquarters on its way to SXSW in the name of innovation. On each of the seven buses, teams had 72 hours to design, build and launch applications while traveling 60 miles per hour. Check out the arrival of StartupBus and the list of finalists.

Get In The Ring With Rackspace And Slash At Slashathon During SXSW (By Andrew Hickey)
Rackspace was a sponsor of the Geeklist-powered Slashathon, a music-focused hackathon founded by former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash that was held during SXSW.

Join Us At The Austin Women In Tech Networking Event During SXSW (By Niki Acosta)
During SXSW, Rackspace co-sponsored an Austin Women in Tech networking event.

Rackspace Specialists Bringing The Awesome At SXSW 2014 #SXRackspace (By Andrew Hickey)
Rackspace had a massive presence at SXSW Interactive – the Austin conference where top tech titans discuss everything from the latest in robotics to the best way to run your websites.

For more on what Rackspace specialists were up to at SXSW, check out the hashtag #SXRackspace.

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