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This is a guest post written and contributed by Andrew Tull at TappIn, a part of the Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace. TappIn by Globalscape provides instant access to files everywhere to enhance productivity.

You’re moments away from a huge presentation and you’re ready to knock it out of the park. You open your tablet. You’re going to wow the audience. But, uh oh, the file you need isn’t there. It’s on your laptop, which is in the car … in your garage at home.

This may be an extreme example, but it just goes to show that when you don’t have access to all the files that you need, it can lead to frustration as well as a drop in productivity. Yes, cloud services can help with this, but even still, you may be lacking some of the necessary technology to truly make a difference.

It’s frustrating when you can’t find the files you need. Maybe they’re stored on your home or office computer. Maybe you may want to access a file from your mobile device but with your current setup that’s not possible.

TappIn changes that. At TappIn, we have developed a service that allows you to access files stored on any computer, server or cloud. Not only can you access and securely share files, but you can do so from any web browser and from virtually any mobile device, including the Android, iPhone and Windows phones.

Our app allows users to access their existing storage devices in a secure manner with the use of TLS/SSL encryption to safeguard the content.

If you already have the Rackspace Cloud, we can help you make the most of it. If you can’t access all the data you need from all the devices you use, you aren’t being as productive as you could be.

“Instant access to your data doesn’t have to be a luxury,” says Bill Buie, our executive vice president of sales and marketing. There’s no substitute for having data in the here and now, which is why we are excited to offer Rackspace customers access to their data quickly and securely.

It doesn’t matter where your data is stored. You can have access to your data no matter where it might be located through the combination of the Rackspace Cloud and the technology in the TappIn app.

As a Rackspace customer, after you download the TappIn app you will receive a 30-day free trial of the TappIn ProEdition. This gives you unlimited access to data and also allows you to manage additional accounts as a group to ensure only certain groups have access to certain folders of data. The ProEdition also gives you unlimited content source connections, including the ability to link in your Salesforce account.

We use the term content source because you can access and share files from your computers and servers, including Windows, Mac and Linux. You can also access network attached storage (NAS) devices, your Salesforce account (with more SaaS apps on the way), an EFT server by Globalscape and your Rackspace cloud account.

After you try out the ProEdition, you can continue using it for $39.99 a year or opt for TappIn’s standard edition for $19.99 a year. Even if you choose the standard edition you receive no in-app banner advertising and the ability to share unlimited photos, stream unlimited music, use with unlimited mobile devices and computers and access any size document or video.

You can download the application from the Cloud Tools Marketplace using your Rackspace Cloud login. For more information regarding TappIn by Globalscape, please visit

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