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Access Cloud Files As A Network Drive With ExpanDrive

The verdict is in: distributed object stores like Rackspace Cloud Files, based on OpenStack Swift, are winning the battle for scale-out storage. Anyone can now deploy petabyte-scale storage on inexpensive commodity hardware with data-durability and availability guarantees that far exceed RAID based setups, at a fraction of the cost.

One major challenge in adopting an object store is that it is only accessible via API. Moving data into it requires you use a third-party tool like Cyberduck, or add support for the API into your application or workflow. Wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid the extra work and still get the cost savings and durability advantages of using an object store? Now you can.

ExpanDrive offers a unique solution by building support for Cloud Files and Swift directly into the operating system (Mac or Windows, Linux soon). With ExpanDrive, you can access Cloud Files just like a USB drive connected into your laptop. Cloud Files shows up right from within Finder or Explorer. Browse, copy, paste, rename or organize your content just like you would on an external hard drive. ExpanDrive stays connected in the background making your files available in any application at any moment.

This removes the gap between the API and the user. ExpanDrive transforms the API into a filesystem, building Cloud Files support into every existing application. Microsoft Word, Photoshop or your backup client now also support Cloud Files. So does any custom application or automation script. Just save to your Cloud Files drive and the rest is stored out in the cloud. No changes necessary.

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About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Jeff Mancuso.

Jeff Mancuso is the CEO of ExpanDrive, a profitable independent software company based in Boston. Started in 2004 with two friends in a dorm room at Stanford, ExpanDrive began with the goal of making awesome software that solves difficult technical problems rather than trying chasing the latest trend. He holds a bachelors in Computer Science from Stanford University. Jeff and his wife Anna live in Boston's North End with their beautiful one-year-old daughter. Outside of work Jeff enjoys Crossfit and trying to outrun undergrads jogging along the Charles while pushing his jogging stroller.

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