Added a Blogroll today

I should have done this a long time ago and I don’t really have a good excuse for not doing it sooner: I added a blogroll today. If you’re new to blogging & RSS, a blogroll is a list that a blogger (me) puts up to show readers the other blogs that the blogger likes to read.
I didn’t put all 39 of my subscribed RSS feeds in there. Some of the feeds are automated updates from about new Firefox extensions or security alert feeds from SANS. But the blogroll has my favorite business and general topic feeds in there.
Click on a link or two and see if you find something new and interesting. You might have to scroll down a little on this page to see the links. And if there’s a blog that you think I *should* be reading, drop me an email or tack on a comment!

Kirk Averett is the senior director of product for Cloud Office at Rackspace.


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