Administrator Tool: Alias Assignments

Email administrators can now manage their alias assignments for a specific mailbox, from one location. This makes it possible to assign a mailbox to any or all of the domain’s aliases, all at one time.

To access this control panel feature, select “Email Accounts” / “Mailboxes,” and then click the “Alias” link for the mailbox you want to manage. Select “All” from the “Filter” drop-down to view all of the aliases in your domain. You can then add and remove alias assignments for the mailbox, as desired.

As always, you can create and manage aliases by selecting “Email Accounts” / “Aliases.” And you can view a list of all aliases and their assigned mailboxes by selecting “Email Accounts” / “Tools” / “Export Mailbox Aliases.”

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  1. This is a great idea.  I will pass it onto development.  In the meantime you can go into the control panel and go to the menu:

    Email Accounts -> Tools -> Export Mailbox Aliases

    This should help.

    Thanks for the comment.


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