Advice For Awesome Startups From The StartupBus

Filed in Partner & Customer Updates by Larry Meyer | March 19, 2012 1:30 pm

Launching a startup is a challenge. From the initial idea to the logo to a prototype product to marketing plan to launch to first customer it can be a daunting road. Imagine doing all of that in just three days!

That’s the idea behind the StartupBus[1], one of our favorite stories of last week’s SXSW Interactive[2]. While we were chronicling the StartupBus visiting The Castle[3], aka Rackspace HQ, its trip to Austin and the winning group[4] — Cerealize[5] — we took some time to ask some of the 300 “buspreneurs” for their advice for entrepreneurs in the real world. Their answers are in this video.

What are your best tips for launching a startup?

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