An Army of Security Experts and Weapons — Now at Your Command

Digital security these days is frequently compared to an arms race.

Hackers, often sponsored by foreign governments, find a way to attack business and government websites and databases. Cybersecurity experts find a way to deter and detect that particular attack. Then the bad guys come up with another way in.

In this environment, businesses are faced with a choice. They can enlist an arms dealer who will sell them a lot of security appliances and software, and they can train or hire a lot of people to wield those weapons. Or they can enlist an army of security experts, who have access to all the best hardware and software, and deep experience thwarting all sorts of cyber attacks.

At Rackspace, we’ve built just such an army, led in large part by security experts we’ve hired from the U.S. and British military and intelligence agencies. Until now, we’ve used that army to secure the infrastructure and internal systems that we and our customers use.

But our customers have asked us to go further, and help them secure the systems inside their companies. And today, we’re pleased to announce our response to that demand — two new services: Rackspace Managed Security and Compliance Assistance.

Designed to detect and respond to advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other types of cyber attacks, Managed Security is tailored to customers’ business needs and backed by a 24x7x365 Customer Security Operations Center, located at Rackspace headquarters and opening next month.

The following services will be a part of the Managed Security offering:

Host and Network Protection — Provides advanced host and network protection platforms targeted at zero-day and non-malware attacks as well as traditional compromise tactics.

Security Analytics — Uses a leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform paired with big data analytics platforms to collect and analyze security data from the customer’s environment.

Vulnerability Management — Rackspace deploys scanning and agent technologies to understand the customer’s environment and uses this data to tailor our Customer Security Operation Center’s response to threats and attacks in the environment.

Threat Intelligence — Rackspace consumes more than 20 threat intelligence feeds, fusing the information together with our own internal data to respond to the changing threat landscape in real time.

For a modest monthly fee, businesses of all sizes can get the kind of security architectural guidance, monitoring and incident response that until now has been available only to the largest corporations and government agencies.

For example, we are able to provide customers with security appliances that can block most large DDOS attacks. At more than $1 million per appliance, this tool is beyond the reach of most individual companies. But we can provide it by scaling them across our 300,000 business customers. The same goes for the many software tools we employ and integrate, in collaboration with carefully selected partners such as Alert Logic and Crowdstrike.

Similarly, we hire security experts at a level of expertise and scale unaffordable to all but a handful of companies, and we make them available to our SMB customers, including startups, at a monthly price far lower than what those customers would pay to duplicate the same level of protection on their own.

Because they secure hundreds of thousands of customers out of data centers on four continents, our experts see every type of attempted exploit imaginable. As we say in Texas, we see a lot of rodeos. We’ve developed a great deal of pattern recognition, through our monitoring algorithms and our human experts, and we apply that knowledge for the benefit of customers large and small.

Because of these economies of scale and expertise, we can give customers greater security in our managed cloud than they could ever get inside their own organization.

In fact, though this is little understood, the vast majority of security breaches take place not in the cloud but in the proprietary systems of companies and government agencies. That was the case with the Target point-of-sale breach, the Sony breach and the recent massive theft at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, where roughly 5.6 million sets of fingerprint data were stolen, along with other personal and financial data.

The Rackspace managed cloud is not invulnerable. But our expertise and our use of the best tools at scale will make our customers far less vulnerable than they would be if they tried to provide for all their security on their own. Purchasing a single, turnkey solution might protect a company from a single threat. But managing that solution, keeping it up to date and monitoring those systems to determine what else is necessary to prevent a data breach will not only take additional solutions, but the added cost of having someone manage them.

We’re also helping customers who need assistance meeting specific regulatory and compliance needs, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) or the Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standard. Customers who use our Compliance Assistance service will be able to rely on the design and implementation of tooling to meet security and compliance goals, real-time monitoring of compliance related items, and access to expertise through quarterly check-ins and audits.

Our specialized expertise and 24x7x365 customer service has made Rackspace an industry leader in managed cloud and hosting. By extending that expertise and Fanatical Support to managed security, we can offer customers additional value and peace of mind that their data and their company’s most important assets are in good hands.

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