An Ecosystem Instead Of An Amoeba: The Complete Cloud Solution For Your Business

While it is tempting to think of the cloud as a single-cell organism consisting of raw compute power; the truth is that the cloud is more of an ecosystem with many unique parts that interact with each other. The Rackspace open cloud is a complete solution for your business to host its application.

As you begin developing in the cloud, it is common to start with just a single Cloud Server. However, over time as you get more visitors to your site or using your application, you will need to add more resources. In the cloud, you always want to scale your environment horizontally, which means adding more nodes to your configuration. To route traffic to each of these servers, you will need to make sure that you have a Cloud Load Balancer in front of the configuration.

If your website or application has to store all the information from transactions occurring on your site, you’ll need to determine what you are going to do about your database. Cloud Databases can connect to your web servers to help store this transaction data.

Similar to a home computer’s hard drive, there is a certain amount of cloud storage associated with each Cloud Server. As you begin to fill that storage space, you have a couple options to expand your storage to keep your files and media. Cloud Block Storage is a way to bolt on additional storage to your Cloud Server, allowing you to increase your storage capacity without having to increase your compute power.

Another way to increase your data storage is to use Cloud Files, which gives you several different advantages. First, this is an excellent place to store your backups (which you should always be taking) because it is a location that is off of your server. Second, by storing frequently accessed static content in Cloud Files, you can take advantage of the Content Delivery Network (CDN). The CDN is a group of geographically dispersed servers that delivers your static content to the end user from an endpoint that is physically closer to them, resulting in faster times to serve the content.

Finally, we have an option that is a big differentiator to round out the complete Rackspace Cloud solution, and allows you to connect a dedicated server configuration to a cloud configuration: RackConnect. Whether you are growing and would like to have a dedicated server presence, or you must have dedicated servers due to compliance requirements for your particular business, RackConnect is a way to have that layer of your configuration on dedicated gear while taking advantage of the elasticity of the cloud.

The best part of the Rackspace Cloud ecosystem is that it is all built on top of our world class Fanatical Support. That’s what Rackspace is all about; we are here support you and your company so you can focus on your business. You can see that the cloud is truly a complete ecosystem. With some of the products we have here powered by OpenStack, we hope to provide our customers the power to build complete solutions for their site or application.

Check out Joseph’s previous post and video where he talked about the power of the Rackspace Cloud API. Find out more about the API documentation at and check out the Rackspace DevOps Blog at


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